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Course Descriptions

Effective Communication

Monday through Friday
9:00-10:20 am

This class is concerned primarily with developing spoken language fluency and increasing your listening ability. Using a variety of materials, you will work interactively with your instructor and classmates to improve your understanding of spoken English, to participate in group discussions, and to make oral presentations.

Topic Development

Monday through Friday
10:30-11:50 am

This class will help you gain a sociological perspective on various topics associated with the themes of the program. Through discussion of selected readings you will explore and analyze issues of immediate concern in the US. You will produce an individual project of your research on a topic of your choice as your final project.

Individual Projects

To enable you to explore your individual interests as well as class topics in greater depth, you will be asked to complete an individual project. With the help of your Topic Development instructor, you will choose to design and conduct library-based research combined with a community survey or interviews. Your project will probably be delivered as a written report for the Topic Development class and as an oral presentation to your instructor and classmates in Effective Communication.

Weekly Lectures and Discussion Sections

On Wednesday (ALC 1) or Thursday (ALC 2) mornings you will attend a lecture presented by an advanced graduate student instructor from the Department of Sociology. Topics have included social stratification in the US, the digital divide, the American family, and media images among others. For one hour on Wednesday or Thursday afternoons, you will also meet with your graduate student instructors for follow-up activities and discussion on the lecture topics.