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Welcome Letter

American Language and Culture - EFSLANG 687


Dear EFS Student,

Welcome to EFS 687, Stanford University’s program in American Language and Culture. We hope you will find it to be of significant value in your goal to understand U.S. culture and to improve your English proficiency.

We know you will be very busy with important cultural and social activities in the afternoons, evenings, and weekends. However, you must also set aside time to do your homework and to get enough rest so that you can participate actively in your morning classes and afternoon labs. We have three specific expectations of you.

  • Use only English in class.
  • Attend all of the classes you are scheduled for, be on time, and complete all assignments.
  • Accept responsibility for your own learning. Your teacher’s job is to provide the environment in which learning can take place, but it is up to you to take advantage of that environment.

This morning, we will be testing you and talking with each of you briefly in order to place you into groups with others who speak and understand English at about the same level.

First you will have a listening test. As you listen, try to understand as much as you can and give your best answers to the questions. After that, we will be talking with each of you to find out how well you speak. Try to relax and say as much as you can.

We will use the results of the test and interview to place you into sections with others whose speaking ability is about the same as yours. Please note that regardless of what section you are placed in, this four-week program represents a short but rich opportunity for learning and interaction. We are looking forward to working with you.