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Professional Development Program


The quality and effectiveness of professional development are assessed annually in a number of ways. At the time of annual salary review, the Director reviews a portfolio submitted by each staff member. Suggested portfolio contents tend to include items such as peer observations/faculty evaluations of teaching; selected student interviews; a statement of teaching philosophy; narrated video segments; enrollment figures and retention rates; student performance information; use of technology in language teaching; professional development efforts such as OPI certification; course outlines and syllabi; language teaching materials; and service to the professional and university community.

The Director then comments on and recommends in writing directions for portfolio development. In addition, the portfolios of Senior Lecturers are assessed formally every 3-5 years. This assessment and accompanying set of recommendations made by the Language Center Director are subsequently reviewed in the Humanities and Sciences Dean's Office. Finally, teaching evaluations submitted by language students are reviewed quarterly. The Language Center Director submits comments and concerns to department chairs and recommends directions for individuals and for staff members if necessary. Superior portfolios result in nominations for key campus teaching awards.