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Joan Molitoris

Joan I. Molitoris serves as Associate Director of the Stanford Language Center and has taught Spanish language and culture classes at Stanford since 1999. She has also coordinated the Second-Year and Accelerated First-Year sequences. She holds a PhD in Spanish Literature from Columbia University as well as a BA (Cornell) and MA (U of Pennsylvania) in Spanish. Prior to arriving at Stanford she was Assistant Professor of Spanish at Skidmore College, from 1995 to 1998, and has also taught at Hamilton College, Wesleyan, Cornell, and UC Santa Cruz.

Her current teaching and research interests include oral proficiency (she is a certified ACTFL OPI tester); accelerated language acquisition; and practical communication for medical personnel and other professions. She also maintains an interest in regional languages and literatures and has published articles on the poetic dimension of 20th-century Spanish literature.

As Associate Director, Dr. Molitoris is the Academic Research and Program Officer for the Language Center, responsible for planning and coordinating the professional development programs of its instructional staff, including graduate student teacher training. She serves as liaison with Stanford's professional schools, Area Studies centers, Overseas Studies Program, and Language Theme Houses. She also oversees language placement and Simulated Oral Proficiency Interview (SOPI) testing. At the classroom level, she is actively involved in the Spanish language program by teaching in the first- and second-year programs.