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Statement on Academic Integrity and Outside Assistance

All students are expected to abide by the Stanford Honor Code with regard to classwork, activities, and assignments related to their language classes. Plagiarism refers to the unattributed, direct copying of language and/or ideas from a source other than yourself. This includes translations of source material into the target language. Plagiarism is strictly forbidden as a part of Stanford's Honor Code.

Assistance on take-home written assignments may take various forms. We expect you to use dictionaries and grammar books in the composition process. Under no circumstances is another person to compose an essay for you or contribute to the ideas or substantive expression of individual assignments. For collaborative or group work, your instructor will issue guidelines on what is appropriate. Your instructor may also ask you to declare the amount of assistance you have received on any written or oral assignment.

We do not discourage assistance in the preparation of oral assignments. It is always helpful to have another person listen to you practice your oral presentations and provide helpful feedback on your manner of expression. Of course, under no circumstances is another person to compose or develop your oral presentation for you or contribute to its ideas or substantive expression. In preparing for oral interviews, it is always helpful to practice conversation with native speakers or someone more knowledgeable in the language. Divulging the content of the interview, as with any exam, is not permitted, as this violates Stanford's Honor Code.