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Minor in Modern Languages

The Division of Literatures, Cultures, and Languages awards a minor in Modern Languages. The minor in Modern Languages is offered for students who may wish to supplement their coursework in their major field of study with significant coursework in modern languages and literatures. The minor should be of particular interest to students in International Relations, Political Science, Linguistics, History, and English, but students in any field qualify for this minor by meeting the following requirements:

  1. Taking a minimum of 20 units at the intermediate level (second year) or beyond in at least two languages (other than English) offered by the DLCL. Normally, this involves around 12 units in each language.
  2. Taking a minimum of one additional course with a “Lit” or “Gen” designation (or in the case of the Asian languages and Slavic “advanced”) in each respective modern language (i.e., two 3-5 unit courses). Ideally, these courses should be taught by Academic Council members or other senior members of the faculty.

Studying or working/interning abroad for at least eight weeks at a location where one of the relevant languages is spoken is strongly recommended.

Coursework in this minor may not duplicate work in specific language majors or minors. Advanced Placement credit does not apply to this minor. No transfer credit may be applied to this minor. All language and literature courses applied to this minor must be Stanford courses. All courses must be taken for a letter grade.

Prospective minors should obtain a Minor Declaration Form from the DLCL Office of Undergraduate Student Services. That office will verify coursework. The Minor in Modern Languages must be approved by the Directors of Undergraduate Studies of the respective language departments.