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Department News

  • The normal Sesquipedalian editor (Ivan Sag) is off for the week. I think the pressure finally got to him. I sent him off to Berlin to recuperate and give a talk at the 'Collocations and Idioms 2006' conference while he was there anyway. He should be refreshed and ready for all your contributions that you've been storing away for his return.

  • In case you hadn't noticed, we have a new receptionist/administrative assistance in the main office--Gabriela Magana. You've probably had a chance to meet her, but everyone deserves to be introduced in the newsletter, too, don't they?

  • A welcome is also in order for the newest member of our department, Helen Elizabeth Scarborough, who, if all goes according to plan, we expect to be presenting at P-TREND in a couple weeks. Pictures will unquestionably surface.



This year's sociolinguistics megafest NWAV, in its 35th year and being held from Nov 9--12 at *The* Ohio State University, should be billed instead as a Stanfordfest given the phenomenal number of people on the program with Stanford connections.

Included among those with current Stanford affiliations are: Lauren Hall-Lew, Elisabeth Norcliffe, Laura Staum, Penelope Eckert, Jason Brenier, Lauren Hall-Lew, Stacy Lewis, Patrick Callier, Rebecca Starr, John Rickford, Rebecca Greene, John Rickford, Elizabeth Traugott, Tom Wasow and Arnold Zwicky.

Perhaps more impressive is the number of people presenting having had at some time or another, a close link to Stanford: Mary Bucholtz (former visiting faculty), Gregory Guy (former Stanford faculty), John Victor Singler, Qing Zhang (Stanford Alum), Norma Mendoza-Denton (Stanford Alum), Kathryn Campbell-Kibler (Stanford Alum) & Emma Moore (former visiting student), Robert Podesva (Stanford Alum), Mary Rose (Stanford Alum), Jacquelyn Rahman (Stanford Alum), John Baugh (former Stanford faculty), Isabelle Buchstaller (former visiting faculty), Julie Sweetland (Stanford Alum), Renee Blake (Stanford Alum), Thomas Grano (Stanford Undergrad Alum), Sarah Bunin Benor (Stanford Alum).


Caught in the Act


Seconds before Olga demonstrates how to fit a pumpkin into a bottle of wine

Last Saturday marked the occasion for some group time away from linguistics and a moment to celebrate Celtic tradition by wearing make-up and fake hair. Despite the generally meager allowances for grad students, many clearly dropped a month's rent on their attire, including what appeared to be wrestling gear, two virility suits, someone dressed as a pair of used dungarees, and even one dedicated soul who came as a larynx! Bravo, linguists!


Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

(Although posting job ads is not usually in the newsletter's purview, this doesn't seem to have made it's way to the Linguist List yet.)

UC Irvine’s School of Social Sciences invites applications for up to three tenure-track Assistant Professor positions starting July 1, 2007. Unusually strong early Associate Professors may be considered. Candidates should have strong backgrounds in theoretical linguistics (any area), or in the empirical or computational study of language (e.g., psycholinguistics, neuroscientific studies of language, computational linguistics, naturalistically informed philosophy of language, anthropological linguistics). The successful candidates will collectively form the core of an interdisciplinary program in the language sciences. Each candidate will be hired into one of the affiliated departments (e.g., Anthropology, Cognitive Science, or Logic and Philosophy of Science).

Qualifications: Successful candidates will regularly teach some of the central courses of theoretical linguistics. They will also do research and teach in adjoining areas. Preference will be given to individuals whose interests mesh with those of the present faculty and who will contribute to the University’s active role in interdisciplinary research and teaching initiatives.

Application Details: To receive full consideration, applications should arrive in the department by December 10, 2006. Please send a complete dossier (CV, statements of research and teaching interests, writing sample(s), teaching evaluations (if available), names of references, etc.) to: Linguistics Search Committee, School of Social Sciences, 3151 SSPA Irvine, CA 92697-5100. The University of California Irvine is an Equal Opportunity Employer committed to excellence through diversity.




    • Election Day! Don't forget to vote. It only takes about ten hours to read through the California initiatives. What else do you have to do?

    • Developmental Brownbag

      17:30. MJH 126
      Frances Chen (Stanford)
      Attachment and expectations: effects of early experience on infants' representation of social relationships

    • Symbolic Systems Forum

      Bldg. 380:380C (Math Corner)
      Clifford Nass (Stanford)
      Wired for Speech: How Voice Activates and Advances the Human-Computer Relationship

    • Speech Lunch

      12:00-13:00 in the Phonetics Lab (Bldg. 420 basement).
      (Try to arrive a couple minutes early to avoid the long noon line at the Thai Cafe). Topic to be announced [watch this space].
    • Stanford Semantics and Pragmatics Workshop

      15:30pm. MJH 126
      Daniel Buering (UCLA)
      Been there--marked that: a theory of second occurrence focus
    • Weekly Social

      17:00. In the department lounge. Fragile, yet beautiful, gourmet delights from the Social Committee.



  • For local linguistic events, always consult the Department's event page, available RIGHT HERE

  • Got broader interests? The New Sesquiped recommends reading or even subscribing to the CSLI Calendar, available HERE.

  • What's happening at UC Santa Cruz? Find out HERE.

  • What's going on at UC Berkeley? Check it out HERE.

  • TREND (TRilateral weekEND) is coming. Mark your calendars!
    TREND includes presentations by students and faculty from Stanford, UC Santa Cruz and UC Berkeley.

  • Saturday, 18 November
    P-TREND: a one-day workshop on phonetics and phonology
    Sunday, 19 November
    S-TREND: a one-day workshop on syntax and semantics
    370 Dwinelle Hall (UC Berkeley)


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November 3 2006
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