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  • Harvard adopts open access mandate. And the person who spearheaded this is none other than Stanford CS NLP alum and Harvard professor Stuart Shieber. Read what Kai von Fintel has to say about this at the Semantics and Pragmatics Editor's Blog. [source: WHISC]
  • Don't forget the department meeting this Friday and the admissions Open House next week...

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    Look Who's Talking

    And although the program still hasn't been made public, The New Sesquipedalian's crackerjack investigative team has determined that roughly a third of the papers selected for presentation at the upcoming CUNY Sentence Processing Conference (hosted at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) have a Stanford-related author. And quite a few posters too...

    That's amazing!

    • Roger Levy (UCSD)
      A fully rational model of local-coherence effects: modeling uncertainty about the linguistic input in sentence comprehension
    • Neal Snider
      Evidence for a Unified Theory of Structural and Lexical Priming
    • Nathaniel Smith and Roger Levy (UCSD)
      Surprisal as optimal behavior: a formal model and empirical investigation
    • Austin F. Frank and T. Florian Jaeger (U Rochester)
      Models of Speaker Choice in Production: Integrating Information and Availability
    • Michael Tanenhaus, Austin Frank, T. Florian Jaeger, Anne Pier Salverda and Mikhail Masharov
      The art of the state: Mixed effects regression modeling in the Visual World
    • Zenzi M. Griffin and Jennifer E. Arnold (UNC)
      Attentional resources modulate pronoun use
    • Carlos Gómez Gallo, T. Florian Jaeger and Ronald Smyth
      From Message to Syntax: Incremental Syntactic Planning beyond the Clause Level
    • T. Florian Jaeger, Evelina Fedorenko, Philip Hofmeister (UCSD) and Edward Gibson
      Expectation-based Syntactic Processing: Anti-locality outside of Head-final Languages
    • Laura Staum Casasanto
      Using Social Information in Language Processing
    • Susan Wagner Cook, T. Florian Jaeger and Michael Tanenhaus
      Producing Dispreferred Structure
    • T. Florian. Jaeger and Celeste Kidd
      A Unified Model of Redundancy Avoidance and Strategic Lengthening
    • Anuenue Kukona, Whitney Tabor (U Conn) and Sean Hutchins
      Evidence for self-organized parsing: Local coherence facilitation
    • Klinton Bicknell, Vera Demberg and Roger Levy
      Local coherences in the wild: An eye-tracking corpus study
    • Elizabeth Coppock
      The representation of plans in speech production: Evidence from syntactic blends
    • Laura Staum Casasanto and Ivan A. Sag
      Antilocality in Ungrammaticality: Nonlocal grammaticality violations are easier to process
    • Roger Levy, Edward Gibson and Evelina Fedorenko
      Expectation-based processing of extraposed structures in English
    • Jennifer E. Arnold and Shin-Yi C. Lao
      Egocentric attention influences pronoun comprehension
    • Roger Levy and Frank Keller
      Expectation and Memory in Processing of German Verb-final Clauses: Relativization Matters
    • Tuan Lam, Duane Watson and Jennifer Arnold
      Effects of repeated mention and predictability on the production of acoustic prominence
    • David Race, Michael Tanenhaus, Mary Hare and T. Florian Jaeger
      All we are saying is give primes a chance
    • Daniel Casasanto
      Gesture Benefits Language Production, Speech Perception, and Memory
    • Alexandros Christodoulou, Lorelle Babwah and Jennifer Arnold
      Effects of production effort on acoustic prominence
    • Philip Hofmeister
      The After-Effects of Linguistic Form Choice on Comprehension
    • Inbal Arnon and Eve Clark
      Learning irregular plurals -- why irregulars are like regulars
    • Hannah Rohde, Roger Levy and Andrew Kehler
      Implicit Causality Biases Influence Relative Clause Attachment


    Blast from the Past

    Dear readers:

    The New Sesquipedalian would like to thank those of you who wrote in trying to guess the identities of last week's mystery linguists. Alas, the only correct `guess' we received was from John Ohala, who in fact was the person who took the picture back in 1966. While the NeSe is proud to count John among its readers, awarding him a prize for the correct answer seems unfair, given the circumstances...

    So, the people in the pictures? Eve Clark and John Lyons. A number of you were half right, mistaking Lyons for Herb Clark. (Sesquitrivia: Actually, Eve was Eve Curme in 1966. It was at this institute that Herb and Eve met for the first time...) Our favorite wrong guess for the identities of the mystery linguists was `Joan Bresnan and Tom Wasow'! (Rest assured - all guessers' identities remain strictly confidential...)

    Since we as a community clearly need more practice at identifying linguists from pictures, here's the next mystery linguist whose identity you may contemplate. This picture was taken at a UCLA syntax confab in 1969. First correct answer sent to wins a double prize.

    [HINT: Though perhaps John Lyons was an unfamiliar face, you have definitely seen this linguist. In fact you almost certainly know him.... -The Sesquipeditor]


    Meghan's Mystery Name Game

    And while we're practicing our ability to identify linguists, let's practice identifying their names. Meghan says we should start with the following -- a spectogram of the first (given) name of someone in the department. The first person who finds Meghan and gives her (in person) the right answer wins a 'chocolate prize'.

    There will be a harder name published each week in the NeSe until the entire department can read spectograms fluently!

    Whose name is this?


    Linguistic Levity

  • What Obama Needs to do to Win!

    A social, linguistic, and musical commentary

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    For events farther in the future consult the Upcoming Events Page.
      • Speech Lunch

        Molly Babel (UC Berkeley)
        Language Attrition: The interaction of bilingualism and language change.
        12:00, ExL Lab
      • Representation Roundtable

        Comparing examplar-based models and connectionist models. Discussion led by Jay McClelland.
        1:15-2:15 PM, ExL Lab
      • Department Meeting

        To discuss the junior faculty search. All students and faculty welcome.

        3:30, MJH 126
      • Weekly Social!

        5:00, department lounge
      • NLP Reading Group

        Discussion of Pascal Denis and Jason Baldridge, ' Global, Joint Determination of Anaphoricity and Coreference Resolution using Integer Programming'
        2:30pm, Gates ???
      • Open House Welcome Lunch

        Come meet the prospective grad students
        12 noon in 460:126
      • CSLI CogLunch

        Lera Boroditsky (Psychology)
        "How the languages we speak shape the ways we think"
        12 noon, Cordura Hall 100
      • Symbolic Systems Forum

        Jean-Pierre Dupuy (French)
        "Truth in Fiction"
        4:15pm, 380:380C (Math Corner)
      • Sociorap

        Katie Drager (U. of Canterbury)
        "Speech Divergence as Performance"
        5:30pm (snacks at 5:15), 460:126
      • Speech Lunch

        12 noon in the ExL Lab
      • Representation Roundtable

        Abstraction at different levels of linguistic representation (the `grain size' problem)
        1:15-2:15 PM, ExL Lab
      • Weekly Social!

        5:00 (or is it 4:00?) in the department lounge

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    • UPCOMING EVENTS (always under construction)
    • Got broader interests? The New Sesquipedalian recommends reading or even subscribing to the CSLI Calendar, available HERE.
    • HOW ABOUT MIT? UMass Amherst? U Chicago? Rutgers?


    Blood needed!

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