Metrics and Poetic Forms Workshop

Saturday, April 10, 2010
100 Cordura Hall, CSLI
Stanford University

sponsored by Department of Linguistics, Stanford University
and The Poetics Workshop, Stanford Humanities Center

9:00 amCoffee and Welcome
9:30Stephanie Shih, Stanford University
Corpus and computational tools for generative metrics
10:10Bruce Hayes, University of California, Los Angeles
Maxent Grammars for the Metrics of Shakespeare and Milton
11:00Alex Jaker, Stanford University
Stress and Caesura in Dante
11:40Kristin Hanson, University of California, Berkeley
Death and Catalexis

12:20 pm

Lunch, CSLI courtyard (weather permitting)

1:30Chris Golston, CSU Fresno
2:10Matthew Adams, Stanford University
Poetic Correspondence and the Welsh Cynghanedd Meter
3:00Lev Michael, University of California, Berkeley
Nanti karintaa: A Metrical Genre of Verbal Art from Amazonia
3:40Ashwini Deo, Yale University, and Paul Kiparsky, Stanford University
Poetries in Contact: The Encounter of Perso-Arabic and Sanskritic Meters in Urdu Poetry
4:20Russell Schuh, University of California, Los Angeles
Making Sense of Bole Folk Metrics



Dinner, location TBA

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