First in a Series

Keeping Tabs on the First Class of the New Millennium

By Marisa Cigarroa

 ou have been here before: The drab cream-colored walls, the steel-and-particle-board desks with tan formica veneer, the big institutional clock ticking away the minutes. And there is that smell of classroom . . . accompanied by the intensely mundane this-class-will-never-end feeling that imbues its surroundings with a universal quality of enforced conformity most of us will never forget. But this is no ordinary day for Christina McCarroll and her friends at Los Altos High School.
The Class of 2000 After some 13 years in classrooms like these, they are preparing to move on. Their dress is casual: Bermuda shorts, cotton T-shirts, plaid miniskirts, jeans, sandals. But their look is intense as they slouch over their desks, brows furrowed, scribbling messages in each other’s yearbooks. They write “good luck” and “remember the time we . . . ” and “I promise to stay in touch, no matter what.”

“There is something scary about signing yearbooks,” McCarroll says. “You are kind of forced to look back and size up your experiences.”

Since April, when she made the decision to turn down Harvard University and Williams College in favor of Stanford, McCarroll has done her best to put thoughts of graduation and college on hold so that she can savor her last days in high school.

“I know everything will be different next year,” she says. “Even simple stuff like chalkboards and classrooms will be different. So I’ve been trying to spend time these last few weeks just soaking this all up, talking with my teachers in the hallways and hanging out with the people I’ve been in school with for so long. It’s sad to think about how much I’m leaving behind.”

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