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BASS TO CHAIR BOARD OF TRUSTEES GSB Alumnus is Seven-Year Board Veteran

By Marisa Cigarroa


usinessman Robert M. Bass, of Fort Worth, Texas, has been elected the 22nd chair of the Board of Trustees. He succeeds John Freidenrich, who has headed the board since 1992.

Bass, MBA ’74, first was elected a trustee in 1989. He is a director of the Stanford Management Company and has served as a member of the Business School Advisory Council and as a director of the Business School Trust.

Bass, 48, said that this is “an auspicious time in Stanford University’s history. The recently announced initiatives in undergraduate and graduate fellowships will enhance Stanford’s attraction for the best and the brightest.

“The transformation of the science and engineering facilities into a real Quad has begun, and once constructed, it will provide a physical space [to match] the stature and excellence of Stanford’s science and engineering programs. At the same time, we’re completing the earthquake recovery and seismic strengthening program that will restore the Main Quad and the rest of the campus.”

Bass said that adopting management practices that emphasize “efficiency and effectiveness” in academic planning will be increasingly important if the university is to continue adding innovative programs and initiatives to its curriculum.

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