Stanford Today
May/June 1997

Stanford vs. U.S. News

   Stanford vs.
U.S. News

Stanford Takes on U.S. News College Rankings

From Stanford’s palm-studded campus to the cherry-blossomed thoroughfares of Washington, D.C., a war is raging over a magazine’s system for rating the nation’s universities.   By Elaine Ray
Would Somebody Save the World?

It is no longer science fiction. It is science fact: Vital ecosystems are breaking down all over the earth. The future of life as we know it is in danger. Stanford scientists lead the call to save the planet.  By Janet Basu
Redefining the Sexes

The idea that sex identity is based on a biological given is becoming too simplistic. Scholars and scientists at Stanford are crossing disciplines to reassess gender and gender roles.  
By Sally Lehrman
The Trillion-Dollar Man

Stanford economist Michael Boskin wants to change the way the government calculates the Consumer Price Index. His recommendations will lower the federal debt by one trillion dollars but would cause uproar across the country.  
By Kathleen O’Toole

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