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TUITION UP 4 PERCENT  The Board of Trustees has approved a 4 percent increase in undergraduate tuition for 1997-98, raising the annual cost to $21,300. The percent increase is identical to last year’s, which was the smallest in three decades. The trustees also raised the room and board rate by 3 percent, to $7,557, which puts the overall cost for tuition, room and board at $28,857. Robert Bass, chairman of the trustees, said that the board is concerned about the level of tuition and has “tried to keep it consistent with the growth in family income.” Substantial reductions in administrative costs over the past five years have made the lower tuition increases at Stanford possible, said university budget official Tim Warner. The trustees also raised the 1997-98 tuition for the professional schools by 4 percent.

IN THE BEST SILICON VALLEY STYLE  At the ripe old ages of 28 and 30, respectively, Chih-Yuan “Jerry” Yang and David Filo have donated $2 million to establish a new endowed chair in the School of Engineering.

Yang and FiloYang and Filo

The inventors of Yahoo! ­ the first online directory for the World Wide Web ­ are the youngest individuals to have endowed a chair at Stanford in the last 22 years. “Stanford was an integral part of the creation of Yahoo!,” Yang said. “Through the endowment of a professorship, David and I feel that we can give back to the university by providing a long-term resource.” Yang and Filo, who earned master’s degrees in electrical engineering in 1990, have requested that the holder of the professorship focus on technology and have demonstrated experience with entrepreneurship. The Yahoo! directory started as a hobby when Filo and Yang were working on their doctorates in the Computer Systems Laboratory. The company that grew out of that hobby reported revenues totaling $8.6 million for the fourth quarter ended Dec. 31, 1996. The Yahoo! chair is one of 12 endowed professorships that have been

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