Spanish 11-C

A compelling class seen through the eyes of professor and student


Noah Rodriguez
Pre-med undergraduate majoring in Religious Studies


have a Spanish surname. Yet I was never completely exposed to the Spanish language. My parents are immigrants from Mexico and native Spanish speakers, but they never taught the language to their five children. Instead, my parents learned English and spoke to us in English.

True, they eliminated language barriers for us, which made following school curricula and getting jobs a little easier. During family reunions or family visits, however, I felt awkward and somewhat ashamed that I could not talk with relatives.

Winter quarter of my sophomore year, while searching for one more class to complete my list, I decided to take Spanish 1A with Alicia Miano. Her passion for speaking and teaching the language and her humor and enthusiasm made waking up for a

9 a.m. class worthwhile. When the quarter was over, I was equipped with enough grammar and vocabulary to converse with my relatives.

Last spring quarter, once again I found myself looking for one more class to complete my study list. Fond memories of Spanish 1A came to mind and I did not hesitate in enrolling in Spanish 11C.

Through the use of computers and visual and auditory effects, Alicia had added a technological component to her teaching that enhanced the learning process. Assignments required going to Meyer Library to use computers in the language lab.

Spanish 11-C (Plain text)

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