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Leonard Susskind's 60th birthday was commemorated on the Stanford campus, May 20-21, 2000, with a special symposium on the problems of quantum gravity.  The symposium was held in the SEQ Teaching Center, Room 201.

Thanks to everyone who participated!

The last schedule update, May 19, 2000:
Saturday May 20, 2000

8:30-9:00am   Breakfast
9:00-9:30am   Opening Remarks: Mac Beasley, Steve Chu
9:30-10:10am  Juan Maldacena - "Spacetime Non-commutativity
                                and String Theory"
10:10-10:50am David Gross - TBA
10:50-11:20am Break
11:20-12:00noon Tom Banks - "Cosmology and Quantum Mechanics"
12:00-12:40pm Ashoke Sen - TBA
12:40-2:30pm  Lunch
2:30-3:10pm   Lenny Susskind - TBA
3:10-3:50pm   Andy Strominger - "Noncommutative Solitons"
3:50-4:20pm   Break
4:20-5:00pm   Savas Dimopoulos - "Physics Inside Large 
5:00pm Session ends

Sunday May 21, 2000 

9:00-9:30am   Breakfast 
9:30-10:10am  Jeff Harvey - "D-branes and Strings as Non-
                             Commutative Solitons"
10:10-10:50am Joe Polchinski - "Holography in Flat Spacetime"
10:50-11:20am Break
11:20-12:00noon Igor Klebanov - "Supergravity Dual of 
                                 Logarithmic RG Flow"
12:00-12:40pm John Schwarz - "String Theory: The Early Years"
12:40-2:30pm  Lunch
2:30-3:10pm   Edward Witten - TBA
3:10-3:50pm   Gerard 't Hooft - "Quantum Mechanics or
                          Determinism at the Planck Scale"
3:50-4:10 pm  Closing Remarks - Willy Fischler
4:15 pm Conference ends with refreshments
Locations: SEQ 201, located in front of the Varian Building on Serra Mall, across from the Biology Buildings. Facing the Quad from the Oval, it is towards the right (West direction). It is a new silvery building and quite large, so it will not be hard to find. For a map, consult: http://www-facilities.stanford.edu/maps/download/ Podium/Directory Map (pdf version works well.)

You may park in any official A or C parking lot at no charge on Saturday and Sunday.

Breakfast, Breaks and Lunch will be held in the courtyard in front of the SEQ building. The Registration table will be there as well.

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