Knutson, Brian

Associate Professor

Office Location: 

Jordan Hall, Building 420 Room 470

Office phone number: 
(650) 725-1876
Administrative Associate: 
Sylvia Paris
Primary Area of Focus: 
Affective Science
Secondary Area of Focus: 
Symbiotic Project on Affective Neuroscience
Research Summary: 

My primary interest is in the neural basis of emotion. I believe that a certain class of neurotransmitters (the biogenic amines) can powerfully modulate emotional experience at specific brain locations. I have addressed this topic with progressively more intricate methods including self-report, measurement of nonverbal behavior, comparative ethology, psychopharmacology, and functional brain imaging. My long-term goal is to understand the neurochemical and neuroanatomical mechanisms responsible for emotional experience and to explore the implications of these findings for the assessment and treatment of clinical disorders of affect and addiction, as well as economic behavior.


Ph.D. Psychology, Stanford University, 1993

Courses Taught

Winter 2008: Amines and Affect

Other Biographical Information

Brian is an affiliate of
     The School of Medicine
     The Human Biology Program
     The Center for Health Policy
     The Stanford Center for Longevity
     The Symbolic Systems Program
     The Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education
     The Stanford Neuroscience Program
     The Mind, Brain, and Computation Program
     The Interdisciplinary Program in Environment and Resources