Exchange Scholar

The Exchange Scholar Program ( enables a graduate student enrolled in a doctoral program in one of the participating institutions to study at one of the other graduate schools for up to one year, so as to take advantage of particular educational opportunities not available on the home campus. The academic experience, including courses taken and/or research conducted with particular faculty at the institution they are visiting, will be registered on the academic record maintained by the student's home institution.


Currently, this program includes Brown, Cornell, Harvard, MIT, University of California, Berkeley, the University of Chicago, the University of Pennsylvania, Columbia, Princeton, Yale University and Stanford. This program allows students to be registered and pay tuition at their home university, while visiting Stanford.


Exchange Scholars must have a psychology faculty member to serve as their sponsor. These students are considered non-matriculated students and are therefore not entitled to all of the services made available to Stanford students. They are permitted to register for courses at Stanford, but pay all of their fees to their home institution. They are not expected to remain at Stanford during the summer quarter, and must obtain permission from the Registrar's Office one quarter in advance to do so. Exchange Scholars are not eligible for health insurance coverage at Stanford and must be provided with coverage through their home institution or privately. These students are entitled to receive a student photo identification card, which permits use of the University Library at the same level as other non-matriculated students, use of recreational facilities, and use of Vaden Student Health services (using the health insurance provided to them by their home institutions or private health insurance). Exchange scholars are eligible for an email account at no charge; they are also eligible to open full-service computer accounts, at cost. On-campus housing is not available to Exchange Scholars. Please make sure to inform Student Services if you know an Exchange Scholar is going to be coming to Stanford at least three months in advance.