Walton, Gregory M.

Assistant Professor

Office Location: 

Jordan Hall, Building 420 Room 244

Office Hours: 

By Appointment

Office phone number: 
(650) 725-2417
Administrative Associate: 
Ranjeshni Sharma
Primary Area of Focus: 
Research Summary: 

My research examines the nature of self and identity, often in the context of academic motivation and achievement. I'm interested in social factors relevant to motivation, in stereotypes and group differences in school achievement, and in social-psychological interventions to raise achievement and narrow group differences.


Yale University, 2005, Psychology

Courses Taught

The Social Self
Wise Interventions
Introduction to Psychology
Question of Belonging205.08 KB
Stereotype Lift143.82 KB
Being What You Say524.43 KB
Latent Ability602.42 KB
CV-GregWalton August 2009.pdf83.9 KB