Gross, James J.


Office Location: 

Jordan Hall, Building 420 Room 436

Office Hours: 

By appointment

Office phone number: 
(650) 724-8630
Administrative Associate: 
Tamara Danoyan
Primary Area of Focus: 
Affective Science
Psychophysiology Laboratory
Research Summary: 

I am interested in emotion and emotion regulation. My research employs behavioral, physiological, and brain measures to examine emotion-related personality processes and individual differences. My current interests include emotion coherence, specific emotion regulation strategies (reappraisal, suppression), automatic emotion regulation, and social anxiety.


B.A. in Philosophy and Psychology, Yale University, summa cum laude, 1987; Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, U.C. Berkeley, 1993


Rachford and Carlota A. Harris University Fellow in Undergraduate Education

Courses Taught

Director of the Psychology One Program
Seminars on emotion and emotion regulation