Grill-Spector, Kalanit

Associate Professor
Neuroscience Institute

Office Location: 

Jordan Hall, Building 420 Room 414

Office Hours: 

Tuesdays 11AM-1PM

Office phone number: 
(650) 269-9605
Administrative Associate: 
Erlinda Viray
Primary Area of Focus: 
Vision and Perception Neuroscience Lab
Research Summary: 

My research utilizes functional imaging (fMRI), computational techniques and behavioral methods to investigate visual recognition and high-level visual processes. For humans, visual recognition is a natural, effortless skill that occurs within a few hundreds of milliseconds, yet, it is one of the least understood aspects of visual perception. We investigate the underlying representations and cortical mechanisms that subserve recognition, and the relation between these neural processes, and our visual perception of the world. We are interested to learn how these neural representations come about, how they change with experience and development and what are the basic computations that are implemented in the brain that enable visual perception.


Ben-Gurion University, Israel, Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, B. Sc., 1990

Courses Taught

Introduction to Perception: Psych 30
High Level Vision: Psych 250
Computational Neuroimaging: Psych 204
Cortical Plasticity: Psych 206
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