Paul Bloom, Yale University; "But is it art? A case-study in the cognitive science of pleasure" EVENT TIME 3:45pm-5:00pm

Date and Time

Wednesday, 4 May 2011 (All day)

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Paul Bloom, Yale University
Jordan Hall (Building 420), Room 041
Lecture Abstract: 

Why are original paintings so much more valuable than forgeries? Why do people pay

millions for abstract art? How do creations such as Duchamp's urinal get to be artwork

in the first place? I present evidence that our understanding and appreciation of art

- even contemporary art -- reflects universal aspects of human nature. I argue that

the experience of art is not special: there are deep parallels between the pleasures we get from

artwork and the pleasures we get from seemingly simpler activities such as food and sex.

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Open to the public
Graduate Student Host: 
Rodolfo Cortes
Faculty Host: 
Carol Dweck