Chef Nijo Joseph

EatWell is our commitment to provide vibrant, flavorful, wholesome, sustainable food that allows customers the nourishing menu selections which support wellness and healthy lifestyles. R&DE Stanford Dining is known and recognized for passionately celebrating great tasting, high quality food. We are dedicated to sustaining our environment.


We seek our seasonal food located in our growing region. We believe in sourcing ingredients that are at the peak or ripeness, appearance, and taste. We work with the highest quality foods and prepare them just in time, right in front of you.


We feature foods that are free of artificial preservatives, colors, flavors, sweeteners, and trans fat. We promote safe, wholesome food and nutrition that advocates a healthy lifestyle and well-being.


We provide foods that are grown using sound environmental practices and encourage bio diversity with earth friendly systems. We offer foods from farms that respect the land and are committed to ensuring our future generation's food supply without compromise.