Student Comments

Adrian Dawson at Wilbur is always very helpful and provides me with suggestions when I'm deciding what to eat. After a few visits to the dining hall, she even remembered my typical omelette order! She is so friendly and hard working, and I can tell that she genuinely likes her job and aims to please everyone. I really appreciate her wonderful service.


Flomo dining is a special place on campus for me because of the warmth of the staff who greet students everyday, smiling. I feel so lucky to say hello to Glenda every evening and be cheered by her caring expression. Whenever I need any assistance, before I even ask, there is someone there to answer any questions I might have. On a campus that is so bustling that it can get to feeling very institutional and anonymous, hearing a word of kindness and genuine care from staff members like Glenda is often the most heart-warming and nourishing part of my day. I feel so much gratitude for this connection, it is hard to explain how small things like this brief daily interaction can be so central to bringing joy to each day. Thank you, Glenda! I hope this conveys at least a small part of my appreciation for your incredible compassion and brilliant personality.


I wanted to thank Jackie at Wilbur for her inspirational extra efforts to make our experience perfect. She has bent over backward to perform her other tasks while providing the warmest service.
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The cucumber salad at Manz was great! It reminded me of what my mom makes for special occasion dinners :)


The squash-quinoa pilaf at Lakeside was awesome!


The tilapia with capers and cream sauce a few nights ago was so good!!!
Please make it more often if possible!


Irma is the best checker I've ever had at Stanford. I didn't realize how much I missed her until I came back from break. Seeing her before each meal makes each meal so much better.


Your falafels are so good, Ricker! I could eat them every day!


Jackie at Wilbur is so friendly every time I go to brunch at wilbur! I love seeing her every weekend.


The baked eggplant and the sauteed swiss chard were SOOOO delicious on Sunday night. Thanks for the great food and service.