Meet Our Chefs

Meet Our Chefs


Chef Chandon Clenard   Chef David Iott   Chef Christina Betondo

Chandon Clenard

Senior Executive Chef of Performance Dining


David Iott

Culinary Educator & Training Executive Chef


Christina Betondo

Executive Chef of Central Production Kitchen

With a penchant for athletics and having studied biology, Chandon originally aimed to be a physician. While working...

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Hailing from Tulsa, Oklahoma, David recalls childhood memories of eating sun-ripened produce in the summer and preserving...

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Christina became intrigued with hospitality and foodservice after a life-changing trip to Las Vegas. Whereas most...

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Chef Nijo Joseph   Chef Clarissa Flores   Chef Devinder Kumar

Nijo Joseph

Regional Executive Chef

Arrillaga Family Dining Commons


Clarissa Flores

Sous Chef

Arrillaga Family Dining Commons


Devinder Kumar

Executive Chef

Florence Moore Dining

Originally from Kerala in southwestern India, Nijo recalls childhood days of cooking Indian cuisine with his mother. “The pride...

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After jumpstarting a career change from specialty food buyer to chef by earning a culinary arts degree from...

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Devinder began his career as a pharmacist, studying medicine and its derivation from natural sources. To...

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Chef Miriam Russell-Wadleigh   Chef Joseph Guinto   Chef Junelle Fronda

Miriam Russell-Wadleigh

Executive Chef

Lakeside Dining


Joseph Guinto

Executive Chef

Branner Dining and Manzanita Dining


Junelle Fronda

Sous Chef

Ricker Dining

After spending a decade as a theatre carpenter and stage manager in Palo Alto, California, Miriam was ready for a new but equally...

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Born and raised in San Francisco, California, Joseph “Joe” Guinto’s career has been incubated by the Bay Area’s melting pot of world...

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As soon as Junelle learned how to fry eggs at the tender age of 6, she progressed to preparing elaborate breakfast meals for her family...

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Chef Anthony Gutierrez   Stanford Cardinal   Chef Tami Chau Lin

Anthony Gutierrez

Executive Chef

Stern Dining




Tami Chau Lin

Executive Chef

Wilbur Dining

Anthony was raised in California’s fertile San Joaquin Valley, an area renowned for its agricultural bounty. Growing up on lush...

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Originally a biochemist, Tami decided to apply her technical science skills to food and hospitality. She found cooking and caring for guests...

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Chef Raul Lacara  

Chef Steven Cheung

Raul Lacara

Senior Associate Director of Executive Conferences and Catering Services

Schwab Executive Dining


Steven Cheung

Pastry Sous Chef

Schwab Executive Dining


Raul joined R&DE Stanford Dining in 1999 as Executive Chef of Schwab Executive Dining. Since that time, Raul has constantly innovated...

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Chef Steven Cheung is Residential & Dining Enterprises (R&DE) Stanford Dining’s first-ever Pastry Sous Chef, and is a culinary artist...

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