Program Manager

The R&DE Dining Sustainable Food Program Manager holds a full-time position within R&DE Stanford Dining. This person works closely with the R&DE Student Housing Manager of Sustainability and Conservation Programs, students and other campus stakeholders to implement and manage sustainability initiatives on behalf of R&DE.

The Sustainable Food Program Manager’s responsibilities encompass four main areas:

  1. Purchasing and Reporting- includes overseeing the sustainable purchase of food and equipment; assuring that food purchasing is accurate and within established budgets and sustainability guidelines; and helping to define, identify and preferentially purchase “fair” food.

  2. Education and Outreach- includes lecturing, hosting sustainability events, training staff on sustainability and acting as a subject matter expert for sustainable food.

  3. Collaboration with various groups, including students, R&DE division partners, faculty, community partners and supply chain partners, to align strategic goals and engage in key program initiatives.

  4. Sustainability in Operations- including kitchen sustainability audits and food waste reduction.

Dara Olmsted

Dara Olmsted Silverstein is the R&DE Dining Sustainable Food Program Manager. Her previous position as the Coordinator for the Harvard Food Literacy Project included managing student educators in sustainability, planning educational events and managing farmers’ markets. Prior to that, she worked for eight years in Harvard’s Office of Sustainability.

After graduating with an undergraduate degree from Harvard, Dara earned her Master of Arts in Urban and Environmental Policy and Planning from Tufts University. She has also written the “Green Blog” for The Boston Globe and is a certified Master Gardener.