Superbowl Viewing Party on the Big Screen!

Sun, February 3 2013

Arrillaga Family Dining Commons, 3:30 pm
Come for delicious tailgate bites and specialty drinks!

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Guest Chef Clark Dawood

Thu, January 24 2013

Jan. 24
Guest Chef Clark Dawood
Arrillaga Family Dining Commons; 6-7pm
Res. Ed. Associate Dean Clark Dawood will show off his culinary talent cooking a Mediterranean/Middle Eastern Menu, which may include: eggplant salad, tabbouleh, barley stew, baba ghanouj, hummus, chicken curry, eggplant casserole, chicken kabobs, lamb kabobs and chicken tikka.

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115th Big Game Viewing!

Sat, October 20 2012

115th Big Game Viewing!
Oct. 20 Noon, Stern, Arrillaga Family Dining Commons, Lakeside
Watch Stanford vs. Cal. Go Cardinal!

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Stanford Dining in the News

Fri, July 20 2012 - Thu, September 20 2012

Over the past few months, Stanford Dining’s award-winning team has been recognized for excellence in culinary programs, sustainability and the new Arrillaga Family Dining Commons, which won its second national award since opening this past year. We appreciate our strong partnerships with students, R&DE Business & Central Support Divisions, and other campus strategic partners in obtaining these awards.

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