Convenient, Great Value, Satisfying!

Enjoy the convenience and security of going cashless at any R&DE, Stanford Hospitality & Auxiliaries' retail location. When you purchase Cardinal Dollars, your Stanford ID card immediately acquires meal-buying power at popular, award-winning cafes.


Stanford Hospitality & Auxiliaries offers special bonuses on Cardinal Dollars purchases. Currently, there is a 10% bonus for a Cardinal Dollars purchase (e.g., purchase $100 and receive 110 Cardinal Dollars).

How to Purchase Cardinal Dollars

Students may purchase Cardinal Dollars online one of two ways:

1) My Account page on the Stanford Dining website and add it to your student bill.

2) Via credit card here.

Staff and faculty may purchase Cardinal Dollars online:

1) Via credit card here.

Parents may purchase Cardinal Dollars for students online:

1) Via credit card here.

Students, staff and faculty can also purchase Cardinal Dollars in person by visiting the Meal Plan Customer Service Office on the first floor of Arrillaga Family Dining Commons (489 Arguello Way, Stanford, CA 94305), by calling the Meal Plan Customer Service line at (650) 723-4751, or by emailing

Cardinal Dollars payment options

Credit Card
Personal Check

Where can I use Cardinal Dollars?

You can use Cardinal Dollars at any retail cafe operated by Stanford Hospitality & Auxiliaries including:

  • Munger Graduate Residences - Russo Cafe @ Bldg. 4
  • The Market at Munger in Munger Graduate Residence, Bldg. 5, Jacobson-Sorensen Hall
  • The Axe and Palm @ Old Union
  • Union Square @ Tresidder Memorial Union including Heirlooms, Basils, Panda Express, Subway, Starbucks, Fraiche Yogurt and Decadence
  • Olives@ Bldg.160
  • The Cafe at the Arrillaga Alumni Center
  • The Med Cafe at LKSC
  • Law School Café

You can also use Cardinal Dollars at Stanford Dining Halls, including Latenite @ Lakeside, and Arrillaga Nights @ AFDC.


Cardinal Dollars that are purchased separately or in addition to a meal plan carry over from quarter to quarter, and from year to year. These Cardinal Dollars do not expire unless they have been used, and are valid at all Stanford Hospitality & Auxiliaries' retail locations.

Meal Plan Dollars provided as part of a meal plan must be used within each quarter, and are valid at selected Stanford Hospitality & Auxiliaries' retail locations.


For additional information, contact us at, or by phone at 650-723-4751.