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August 23, 2012



Residential & Dining Enterprises partners with Starbucks Coffee Company to open a store at Stanford, Tresidder Memorial Union.  

Residential & Dining Enterprises (R&DE), the Stanford student and community-centric residential, culinary, hospitality and event management provider, is pleased to announce an exciting new partnership with Starbucks Coffee Company by opening the first full-service built and operated store on a university campus nationwide.  This new relationship with Starbucks exemplifies R&DE’s Commitment to Excellence - upholds our sustainable business practices, maintains a lasting partnership with the Stanford community, and embraces the delivery of innovative products and services.


“Excellence in R&DE is aligning our strategic goals and performance with our vision.  In keeping with that vision to Create a Culture of Excellence, we are proud to bring to the Farm the sustainable business acumen and a great cup of coffee in Starbucks’ first full-service built and operated store on a university campus – that serves to expand the offerings to students and the campus community and is located in the hub of campus-wide activity at Tresidder Memorial Union for the pleasure of the entire Stanford community.”  Shirley J. Everett, Senior Associate Vice Provost for Residential & Dining Enterprises


Opened on August 21, 2012, R&DE’s division, Stanford Hospitality & Auxiliaries, manages the store at Union Square in Tresidder Memorial Union.  This breakthrough Starbucks Store at Stanford is a significant expansion of the offerings at R&DE’s eatery Tresidder Union Square, which features the recently opened popular Panda Express, Fraiche Organic Greek Yogurt and the highest volume Subway store in Northern CA.  The store also pays homage to Stanford Alumni who have revolutionized the way Starbucks brews coffee from premium roasted beans around the world, and provides students, faculty, staff and visitors with rare selections of Starbucks Reserve coffees, alongside a Tasting Table where the Stanford Community can experience these exclusive Starbucks Coffee varieties.


The Stanford Starbucks features the Clover Coffee Machine invented by Stanford Alumni Zander Nosler ’94, Randy Hulett ’97, and Jorah Wyer ’94. This innovative machine makes a French press or vacuum brewer quality cup of coffee in a extraordinary way by balancing the coffee bean grind size, water temperature and brew time to ‘vacuum press’ the highest quality flavors and aromas from the coffee beans for a quite unique coffee experience.


The Stanford Starbucks store at Tresidder is LEED certified and built with reclaimed lumber and sustainable materials, supporting R&DE’s goal towards Zero waste, including sustainable containers, packaging and compostable material.  The café features a community table with laptop hookups for group study collaboration, soft leather seating for comfortable reading or surfing the web and enhanced outdoor seating.  The Stanford Community can gather in a vibrant atmosphere to relax or study with plenty of fresh, delectable menu selections.


The Stanford Starbucks store is strongly committed to sustainable business practices in partnership with the Starbucks Shared Planet initiative making them the largest purchaser of Fair Trade Certified coffee in North America, responsibly grown and ethically traded.  Starbucks takes strides to ensure their impact to the environment is minimal by focusing on energy and water conservation, recycling and green building materials.  The History of Coffee artwork is on a full-wall display above soft banquette seating as a space to experience the origins and sustainability practices of global coffee planters.


About Residential & Dining Enterprises


Residential & Dining Enterprises (R&DE), is a Stanford University department that supports the academic mission of the university by providing exceptional service to students and the campus community that is collaborative, sustainable, and technologically efficient, and encourages innovation.  R&DE’s goal is to Create a Culture of Excellence by delivering sustainable business practices; lasting partnerships with the Stanford community; and innovative products and services.


Stanford Hospitality & Auxiliaries is a division of Residential & Dining Enterprises (R&DE) and a University owned and operated auxiliary that embraces Stanford culture and values, generating revenues from services to students, faculty, staff, and campus guests who support our retail enterprises (i.e. Munger Market, Russo Café, Olives, etc.) and vending food operations, stadium concessions, catering services, meeting support services, and campus hotel at SLAC. Upholding the R&DE mission, our revenues are directed back to the University to mitigate the escalating costs of student room and board rates and to ensure the continuation of quality services for students and the Stanford community.