Continuous Assignments

The Continuous Assignments round begins each quarter right after the Waiting List results are announced and ends after the fifth week of the quarter.
Who can Participate?
All students who apply for the Continuous Assignments round must be eligible to live in Student Housing.
Students Seeking Housing After a Waitlist Round

  1. Students who entered a Waiting List Round for any quarter but were not assigned need to join the Continuous Assignments round for that quarter in order to maintain their guarantee and/ or position for housing. Please note that you must log into Axess after the Waiting List and join the Continuous Assignments round in order to be considered. You may also modify your housing choices at that time.
  2. Students who would like housing for a particular quarter but missed that quarter’s Waiting List deadline should enter the Continuous Assignments round right away. These students are no longer guaranteed a housing assignment and will be assigned a sequential application number based on when they submit their housing application.

Continuous Assignments Process

  1. Continuous Assignments take place each quarter after Waiting List assignments are announced.
  2. Unassigned students can join the Continuous Assignments round by filling out a housing application in Axess and listing all acceptable residence choices in order of preference. Students unassigned in the Waiting List round must go into Axess and join the Continuous Assignments round. Applications are not automatically carried over to Continuous Assignments.
  3. Assignments are made on designated days prior to the start of the quarter and then as spaces become available.  The Continuous Assignment round runs through the 5th week of the quarter. Applications are reviewed in application number order. There is no need for students to come to Housing Assignments in person in order to be assigned.
  4. If an assignment is made, students are notified through Axess which is updated by midnight on the date the assignment was made.
  5. Students may modify residence choices on their applications through Axess until 11:59p.m. the night before assignments are made.
  6. Once an assignment is made, students are subject to cancelation fees if they cancel their assignment prior to move in. If a student moves in and then wishes to cancel an assignment, he/ she must file a TOC. For more information on cancelations, see Canceling a Housing Assignment.

NOTE: After the first week of the quarter, students taking an assignment through the Continuous Assignments round must WAIT 48 hours after being assigned before moving in. This allows time for the Housing Front Desks to notify current residents that they should expect a new roommate.

When are Continuous Assignments made?


Start Dates

End Dates


Select dates in August. Daily Continuous Assignments begin mid-September.

Late October


Select dates in December.
Daily Continuous Assignments begin early January

Early February


Select dates in early March. Daily Continuous Assignments begin mid-March.

Early May



Late July


Visit the Undergraduate Housing calendar for specific Winter, Spring and Summer quarter Continuous Assignment dates.
Your Chances for Assignment
Housing Assignments cannot predict which residences will have space available in advance of the Continuous Assignments process. Your chances for assignment during Continuous Assignments depend on:

  • The number of spaces that become available.
  • The number of students who apply for Continuous Assignments.
  • Which residences participants list on their applications.

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