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Sustainability is a core value on campus and within R&DE Student Housing. The R&DE Student Housing Sustainability and Conservation Programs Office collaborates with students and staff to foster behavior change, reduce energy and water consumption and waste production in our residences, and to integrate long-term sustainable thinking into how we operate.

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Energy Use Dashboard in Storey House

Storey Dashboard

What's Happening Now?

Save time, help the local community,  reduce waste, and win prizes (!) through our Give & Go Donation Program as you move out.

R&DE Student Housing has partnered with several organizations to collect your unwanted, but reusable items conveniently at your residence from 6/5-6/17.

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The daily behaviors of the nearly 12,000 students living in RD&E Student Housing are a key component of our sustainability initiatives/programs. An online dashboard at Storey House provides students with real time feedback on their energy and water usage by building floor to increase awareness and change daily behaviors. Storey Dashboard Online


Three great resources to help you get started:

Stanford Sustainable Living Guide

Learn how to save energy & water and reduce waste on campus using this helpful guide.

How Sustainable Is Your Room?

Check out our easy checklist - the first step to a more sustainable room and lifestyle.

R&DE Student Housing is on Facebook!

Join us there for Sustainability tips, contests, and events.

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If you have ideas or are working on a project, we want to know about it!

Housing Sustainability and Conservation Programs Office

672 Lomita Drive
Stanford, CA 94305


Program Manager 
Kristin Parineh

Kristin Parineh


Nicole Greenspan

Nicole Greenspan



R&DE Student Housing offers a robust internship program offering students real-world experience implementing sustainability projects and managing programs. Interns are hired in the Spring for the following academic year.

Our projects and interns for the 2014-15 year are:

Zero Waste:                Ye Wang                       Hailey Clonts

Energy Efficiency:       Ethan Heil                  Haohao Wang

Communications & Competitions:
Olivia Reyes-Becerra

Design Your Own:       Emma Fisher

Want to find out more or apply for next year? Contact:

Student Group Spotlight:

The Green Living Council is a network of student representatives from dorms and houses across campus working to encourage sustainable lifestyles at Stanford. This is a great opportunity to take on an environmental leadership role among your peers and get training and resources to help you implement sustainability programs and campaigns in your residence.

Check out other sustainability related groups below:

R&DE Student Housing Sustainability Facts:

  • Reduced its water consumption by over 100 million gallons per year (37%) thanks to the installation of over 13,000 low-flow toilets, urinals, showerheads, and faucets

  • Replaced over 450 laundry machines with more efficient models which have cut gas usage by 20% and saved 3 million gallons of water

  • Replaced over 10,000 light fixtures in student residences, saving over 2.1 million kilowatt-hours of electricity annually

  • Supports the Green Living Council student group to educate residents about sustainable practices and organize behavior change campaigns to reduce energy and water use and waste in residences.

Additional Resources for Sustainability at Stanford

R&DE Stanford Dining's Sustainable Food Program

Sustainable Stanford

PSSI Recycling and Waste

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