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Undergraduate Student Housing Spring Quarter Closing Newsletter  2014



Checkout and Move Information
Checkout time is 8:00 a.m. Friday, June 13 unless you have been approved for extended stay and your contract end date has been extended by Housing Assignments.  If you have any questions about extended stay, contact your Housing Front Desk.

Monday, June 16 at 2:00 p.m. is the checkout  deadline for residents with approved extended stay.  Please note that permission for extended stay is based on the individual, not the room.  One roommate having been granted extended stay does not constitute approval for the other roommate(s).

In order not to be charged unauthorized occupancy and/or a lost key charge, you must turn in your key to your Housing Front Desk.  Giving the key to a residence staff member (RA, HM, RF, etc.) does not officially check you out.


Staying for Summer Session?
On-campus residents assigned to a different residence for summer term you must move according to the spring-summer move chart.   Please be sure to verify your move date before making work or travel plans!



Move-out Checklist 

  • Reset your bed.  Make sure all screws, bolts, and the middle support bar are in place, tight and secure.  Return lofting parts (check with your Housing Front Desk for lofting room hours)

  • Vacuum carpet.

  • Return all furniture to its original location. Wipe down furniture.

  • Retrieve your toiletries from the bathroom.

  • Check the laundry room for  clothes.

  • Remove pushpins, decorations, tape, glow-in-dark stickers, etc. from the walls, ceiling and windows.  Don’t forget to remove the sticky residue!

  • Wipe walls to remove spills, marks, and scuffs especially around message boards.

  • Remove trash to dumpsters outside of the building.

  • Place recyclable paper, glass, plastic and metal in the appropriate bins outside.

  • Take unwanted reusable items (such as clothing) to Give & Go M ove Out donation sites.

  • Lock your door and windows before you leave.

For more:  move-out information

Report any repairs needed in your room early by using the on-line fix-it request.

Don’t forget to complete the checkout portion of your Room Condition Form before you leave. 

If you have any questions about your RCF, please contact your Housing Front Desk Coordinator.



Are you looking for a part-time, on-campus, summer job?

Stanford R&DE Student Housing Operations is seeking a Package Center Assistant to add to our team!

This is a summer, part-time position, approximately 8-16 hours a week. Position pays $12.85 per hour.

Applicants must possess a commitment to excellent customer service, strong oral and written communication skills, and working knowledge of Microsoft Word and databases.

To apply, please send a cover letter and resume to sjuliapo@stanford.edu


Give and Go

Participate in Give and Go Move Out 2014!

Instead of carting off your unwanted items to the nearest dumpster, keep them out of the landfill and from harming our environment by recycling them or giving them a new life with families who need them. Student Housing, in partnership with several local charities, have arranged to make this convenient for you. Everything from furniture to clothes and electronics will be collected. Donation locations will be in place from 6/7-6/17.

Visit the the Give & Go Move Out website to see the donation and recycling opportunities closest to your residence, and either pledge in advance or sign in at a donation location for the opportunity to win prizes!



Summer Storage 

Student Housing is pleased to be partnering with Collegeboxes, a division of U-Haul, in order to provide you with a variety of storage services. 

Please visit http://storageservices.stanford.edu for information on self-storage options, storage with door to door pick-up and delivery services, or personal storage containers or “U-boxes.” A “ship to home” option is also available.

Please note that all items stored through these services will be stored off campus and returned to campus on posted dates in September.  Items may be retrieved over the summer for a charge.

We are here to help! Our goal in R&DE Student Housing is to make your Stanford home a comfortable, clean and safe environment.
Let us know how we can help you today.

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