Oak Creek Move-Out Checklist

  • Return all University-provided furniture to its original location.

  • Return all rented or borrowed equipment to the correct office.

  • Remove all personal possessions from your room or apartment.

  • Clean your room or apartment. See the Student Housing Cleaning Guide for instructions. You and your roommates are jointly responsible for cleaning common areas.

  • Keep common areas clear during your move-out. Fire and safety codes prohibit blocking corridors, stairwells, and other common areas. If staff finds your belongings in these areas, they will be removed and you will be subject to a fee for this removal.

  • Remove all decorations from windows, walls, mirrors, and doors.

  • Dispose of trash in your recycling bin or dumpster.

  • Forward your mail / change your address. Arrange with Stanford post office to have your mail forwarded to a new address, or fill out the official change of address form at the United States Postal Service website. There is a $1 fee for filing online.

  • Update your address and phone number in Axess.

  • Return all your Oak Creek keys, Oak Creek ID, and parking pass to the Off-Campus Housing Front Desk at Escondite Cottage, 150 Comstock Circle.

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