Post or Find A Sublicense Listing On the Web

Stanford students may now post a listing for their space in graduate housing in order to sublet for up to one term per academic year. Current or incoming Stanford affiliates who are looking for a short-term room or apartment may view the listings.

Who may offer their Student Housing space for sublicense?

Students in graduate housing may rent their room in a shared apartment or their apartment to a Stanford (non-undergraduate) affiliate for part or all of the summer, or for another term under certain circumstances if all requirements are met. For example, if you share a three bedroom apartment with two roommates and you will be away from campus for the month of July, you can use the sublicense database to find a Stanford-affiliated renter for that time period, as long as you follow the established procedure and submit all required documents.

In order to be eligible to sublet his or her space in graduate housing, the resident must be eligible for housing, with no enrollment holds. If subletting during the academic year, the resident must have minimal enrollment while in absencia, be on an approved (by the Housing Assignments office) vacation quarter, or be away from campus while on an approved maternity/paternity quarter. No subletting is allowed while on any other type of medical leave.

Student wishing to sublet their space should submit a Sublicense listing through this web site.

A written Sublicense Agreement and written proof of the sublessee's Stanford affiliation is required and must be approved by Student Housing, through the Community Housing office. Roommates who will share the space must also sign the agreement, and can choose to not allow a sublet to occur. Sublet paperwork must be submitted to and approved by the Community Housing office before the sublet begins - preferably a week or more before the sublet begins.

Who may sublicense a space from a Stanford student?

Summer, winter, or spring term:
To be eligible to sublicense a space from a Stanford graduate student, a prospective sublicensee must be a current or incoming direct Stanford affiliate, or a temporary Stanford affiliate. People not eligible to sublet a space in graduate housing include minors, high school students, undergraduates, and anyone not affiliated with Stanford. Temporary Stanford affiliates who will not be enrolled as students (summer visiting researchers, for example) must not be a minor, high school student, or undergraduate at his/her home institution.

The following are examples of activities in which Stanford summer visitors might engage:

  • Teaching

  • Attending a conference at Stanford

  • Doing research

  • Providing administration services

Autumn term:
To be eligible to sublicense a space in graduate student housing during the autumn term, a prospective sublicensee must be an enrolled Stanford matriculated graduate student in good standing with the University and with no current housing assignment. Single undergraduate students without children are not eligible to sublicense a space from students in graduate housing. The available space may be a room in a shared apartment or an entire apartment.

A SUNetID is required in order to search for an available space. If you do not have a SUNetID, you will need to get one. Your department, professor, or supervisor should request one for you. If this is not possible, you may request that Student Housing sponsor a SUNetID for you. You will be required to provide proof of your Stanford affiliation that can be confirmed by Student Housing staff.

Enter the Online Sublicensing Application (SUNet ID required!) (Note: this application is not compatible with the Google Chrome browser)

If you have questions after reading the information on this web site, please c all the Community Housing office at 650-723-3906 or send an e-mail to . The Community Housing office is located in the Harold modular building. The office is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. and located at:

630 Serra Street, Suite #110
Stanford , CA 94305

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