The Draw 2015

The Draw is the process by which upperclass undergraduate students are assigned housing for the following academic year. The Draw deadline was Sunday, May 3rd, 2015 at 6 p.m. PST, and results were announced May 21, 2015.  See "Your Results and What Happens After the Draw" for information on In-House Draws, the Waiting List and more.

Your Results and What Happens After the Draw



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The Draw Application
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Greek Students
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Medical Accommodation Draw (in coordination with the OAE)


New for Draw 2015

  • The Humanities Theme Residence will open in the Manzanita Park residential complex Autumn Quarter 2015. This new 125 bed building will be comprised of single rooms and two-room doubles. A
    majority of the spaces in the house will be preassigned, but students interested in the humanities
    are also encouraged to apply through the Draw.

  • Lantana will offer special preassigned slots for students interested in becoming “Creative
    Catalysts” in 2015-16. The Lantana Creative Catalysts will form teams dedicated to stoking
    community in imaginative ways and will engage in a human-centered, design-led approach to
    reinventing (and prototyping) aspects of upper-class living.

  • The Outdoor House is a new theme in the GovCo Suites (Jenkins) beginning Autumn Quarter
    2015. The program will take up 65 of Jenkin’s 91 spaces and will focus on connecting students
    with a shared interest in outdoor activities and education.

  • 1047 Campus Drive (formally the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity house) will be offered as a coed
    self-op in the Draw.

  • Due to the new undergraduate spaces available in the Humanities Theme Residence, Rains and Oak Creek will not be offered in the Draw. Oak Creek may be offered later in the summer if needed for Autumn Quarter and will definitely be used to help meet Winter Quarter demand.

  • If you are an undergrad going abroad Autumn Quarter 2015, you can apply during The Draw or wait and submit a Winter Quarter housing application anytime before October 23rd, 2015. If you will be out of housing for both Autumn and Winter Quarters but returning for next Spring Quarter, apply now or anytime before February 5th, 2016.

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