Additional Summer Policies

  • Summer Matching in Graduate Housing
    "Summer matching” may cause a student to be assigned to a residence not listed on his or her application. This occurs when a student applies for both summer and autumn housing. Housing Assignments will automatically assign a student to the same residence for Summer Quarter as they are assigned to for Autumn Quarter, pending availability.

  • Waiver of Cancellation Fees for Single Grads, Couples, and Families Assigned for Summer But Not for 2015-16
    Students who apply in the First Round Lottery for summer housing and for 2015-16 housing may cancel their summer housing without a fee if  assigned for summer but not for 2015-16. Students in this situation should cancel the summer contract through Axess and then submit a HelpSU to Student Housing referencing this policy.  Upon confirmation of eligibility for the waiver, the cancellation fee will be reversed.

  • Co-Term Students
    Co-term students can only apply for graduate student housing in Axess. Co-term students wishing to live in undergraduate housing for the summer should submit a HelpSU ticket to request that Housing Assignments create an undergraduate housing summer application which can then be edited by the student to reflect contract date and residence choice requests.

  • Undergraduate Students Living On Campus Spring Quarter
    Undergraduates currently in housing who are assigned to summer housing in the First-round Summer Lottery or the Second-round Summer Waiting List are required to have continuous housing from the end of the spring contract to the end of the summer contract.  This includes the period of time between the end of spring exams and the start of summer courses.  Students will move from their spring residence to their summer residence mid-week, and should check the spring-summer move chart for dates and times.

  • Reassignments
    Undergraduate students can request a reassignment within undergraduate housing during the summer term.  See the undergraduate reassignment page. Reassignments are not offered for graduate students during the Summer Quarter unless medically necessary. Students should contact the Office of Accessible Education should the need arise.

  • Gender-Neutral Assignments
    Only students who are assigned to gender-neutral housing for Autumn and are assigned to the same residence for the summer will be considered for gender-neutral housing for Summer. Please submit a Gender-Neutral Housing Petition in Axess if this applies.

  • Transgender Students
    Transgender students may contact Jennifer Padilla-Wong, the Summer Housing Assignment Specialist, for a confidential assignment.

  • Couples without Children Housing
    At Stanford, a domestic partnership is defined as an established, long-term partnership between two people with an exclusive mutual commitment in which the partners share the necessities of life and ongoing responsibility for their mutual welfare. Students may not apply for couples housing for summer if they are currently in single student housing and are applying for single student housing for the following year.

  • Dining
    Meal Plans are required for all students living in Governor's Corner (residence halls, suites, and independent houses), Branner Hall, Crothers Hall, Florence Moore, and Wilbur, and are optional for others. Meals will be served at Arrillaga Family Dining Commons, Florence Moore, and Lakeside Dining at Lagunita. All Summer College students will eat at Lakeside Dining. For those who are unable to eat in a dining hall during the normal operating hours, box lunches and late plates are available by arrangement.