Second-round Summer Waiting list

Assignments are made in "rounds", beginning with an exemption round for students requiring special housing consideration due to a documented medical condition and for students whose spouse, domestic partner, or child is disabled.

Assignment Rounds
There are four assignment rounds for Summer Quarter housing. Students submit applications in Axess.

  • Disability/Medical Accommodation Lottery
    Applications available April 8 - April 17
    Results announced April 30

  • First-round Summer Lottery
    Undergraduate applications available April 8 - May 3
    Undergraduate results announced May 21
    Single graduate, couple, and family applications available April 8 – May 7
    Single graduate, couple, and family results announced May 23
    Deadline to file split-group petition is May 26

  • Second-round Summer Waiting List
    Undergraduate applications available May 4 - May 25
    Single graduate, couple, and family applications available May 8 – May 25
    Results announced May 30

  • Continuous Assignments
    Applications available May 26 - July 17
    Results announced daily beginning June 3
    Latest available move-in date is July 24

Who can participate?
Everyone who applies for the Summer Waiting List must be eligible to live in Student Housing for the summer.

Students Seeking Housing for Summer Quarter

  1. You weren’t offered an assignment in the Summer Lottery and want to try again. Please note that you must log into Axess immediately after the initial Summer Lottery to join the Summer Waiting List round in order to maintain your guarantee and/or position for housing. You may also modify your housing choices at that time. However, students who were guaranteed in the Summer Lottery must indicate that they are willing to live in any residence for which they are eligible in order to keep the guarantee for the Waiting List.

  2. You missed the first-round Summer Lottery housing application deadline.

  3. You were assigned housing, but need to apply for a different category of housing because of a change in your marital or family status.

NOTE: If you remain unassigned after the Summer Waiting List round, you should participate in the Summer Continuous Assignments round.

Summer Waiting List Process

  1. The number of students on the Summer Waiting List who are assigned a space is based on the number of housing spaces available. Spaces become available when students cancel their housing assignments (graduate, change their summer plans, change categories of housing etc.).

  2. Enrolled students will continue to have a high priority for assignment. Within each priority level, students are considered for housing in application number order. However, if there are enough spaces available for all applicants, students are considered strictly in application number order.

  3. Once an assignment is made, students are subject to cancellation fees if they cancel their assignment prior to moving in. If a student moves in and then wishes to cancel an assignment, he/she must file a Termination of Occupancy form, and may be held to rent for the remainder of the quarter. For more information on cancelations, see Cancelling a Housing Assignment.

Your Application Number

  • The first housing assignment round for Summer Quarter is called the Summer Lottery. The Summer Lottery takes place in late May preceding summer. Students who need housing should apply for housing by the Summer Lottery deadline in order to receive a first-round application number. First-round Summer Lottery numbers are the lowest (or best) application numbers. Students who are unassigned during the Summer Lottery will keep their first-round Summer Lottery number if they apply by the Waiting List deadline in late-May.

  • Students joining the Waiting List after the Summer Lottery deadline receive a sequential application number above all the students with numbers in the first-round based on the date they submitted their application.

  • If you join the Waiting List and are not assigned, you retain your application number if you join the Continuous Assignments round.

  • Application numbers are assigned at the end of the application period after all applications have been submitted; therefore, they are not available until assignments are announced.

  • If you cancel a housing assignment and then join the Waiting List, you lose your first-round Summer Lottery application number and are placed at the bottom of the Waiting List with a sequential application number based on the date you joined the Waiting List round.