The First-round Summer Lottery

Assignments are made in "rounds", beginning with an exemption round for students requiring special housing consideration due to a documented medical condition and for students whose spouse, domestic partner, or child is disabled.

Assignment Rounds
There are four assignment rounds for Summer Quarter housing. Students submit applications in Axess

  • Disability/Medical Accommodation Lottery
    Applications available April 8 to April 17
    Results announced April 30

  • First-round Summer Lottery
    Undergraduate applications available April 8 - May 3
    Undergraduate results announced May 21
    Single graduate, couple, and family applications available April 8 – May 7
    Single graduate, couple, and family results announced May 23
    Deadline to file split-group petition is May 26

  • Second-round Summer Waiting List
    Undergraduate applications available May 4 - May 25
    Single graduate, couple, and family applications available May 8 – May 25
    Results announced May 30

  • Continuous Assignments
    Applications available May 26 - July 17
    Results announced daily beginning June 3
    Latest available move-in date is July 24

Who can Participate?

Everyone who applies for the Summer Lottery must be eligible to live in Student Housing for the summer.

Lottery Process
During the Lottery, a computer-based assignment program will try to place you into the first residence choice you've listed on your housing application. If your first choice of housing isn't available, the assignment program will try to place you in your second residence choice, and so on.

Shortly before classes begin, and after you receive your general residence assignment, Summer Session (Single Undergraduate Housing except for 576 Alvarado) or your Housing Front Desk (Single Graduate, Couples without Children, or Students with Children Housing) will assign you to your specific room/apartment and, if you are a single student in a shared room/apartment, your roommate/s. Students assigned to 576 Alvarado will select rooms after check-in through a process developed by the house.

Stanford University guarantees you a University housing assignment for the summer quarter if you:

  1. Apply by the application deadline,

  2. Indicate on your housing application that you are willing to live in any residence for which you are eligible, and

  3. Are not applying for Couple without Children or Student with Children housing.  Most couples and families will be assigned to housing for the summer, but those students with children requiring a 3-bedroom family apartment may not all be assigned due to lack of availability.

If you miss the first-round deadline, you are will not be guaranteed an assignment, but will continue to receive a high priority for assignment if enrolled for the summer.

Once an assignment is made, students are subject to cancellation fees if they cancel their assignment prior to moving in. If a student moves in and then wishes to cancel an assignment, he/she must file a Termination of Occupancy form, and may be held to rent for the remainder of the quarter. For more information on cancelations, see Cancelling Your Assignment.

What You Should Know About Application Numbers:

  • The first housing assignment round for Summer Quarter is called the Summer Lottery. The Summer Lottery takes place in late May preceding summer. Students who need housing should apply for housing by the Summer Lottery deadline in order to receive a first-round application number. First-round Summer Lottery numbers are the lowest (or best) application numbers. Students who are unassigned during the Summer Lottery will keep their first-round Summer Lottery number if they apply by the Summer Waiting List deadline in late May.

  • The Lottery program randomly assigns application numbers to students who enter the Lottery for Summer Quarter.

  • If single students apply for housing with friends as a group, everyone in the group receives the same application number. This way, you have the best chance of being assigned to the same residence and apartment. See Applying to Live with Friends.

  • If you and your spouse/partner are both Stanford students, you may submit two housing applications for the Summer Lottery. The application with the better assignment priority and application number will be considered for assignment, and the other will be withdrawn. To take advantage of this option, be sure that both applications include both Stanford ID numbers.

  • If you apply for housing after the Lottery deadline, you will be given a sequential number based on the date your application has been received, and your application will be added to the Waiting List or Continuous Assignments.

  • If you receive an application number but are not assigned housing, you may retain your application number for the remainder of the Summer Quarter, as long as you 1) do not cancel a housing assignment, and 2) apply by the next assignment round deadline for the same category of housing.