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This archived information is dated to the 2008-09 academic year only and may no longer be current.

For currently applicable policies and information, see the current Stanford Bulletin.

Courses of Instruction


Courses of instruction are listed in alphabetical order by subject name, and then numerically by catalog number.

Stanford does not have a standard course catalog numbering system. Courses numbered from 1 through 99 are primarily for freshmen and sophomores. Courses numbered from 100 through 199 are primarily for juniors and seniors; some departments, however, offer courses numbered from 200 through 299 for juniors and seniors. Most courses numbered 200 and above are for graduate students; no graduate career course is numbered below 200, and all courses above 300 are for graduate students.

Courses offered for variable units require different amounts of work depending upon the units for which a student enrolls. Students are advised to consult with the department or instructor offering the course to determine the appropriate number of units.

Changes to course offerings announced in the Stanford Bulletin are available online at, online in Axess, Stanford's Student Information System, at, and printed in the Time Schedule of Classes issued quarterly.

Beginning in Autumn Quarter 2005, a modified and redefined set of undergraduate General Education Requirements, designated in this bulletin as GERs, went into effect. Students who matriculated Autumn Quarter 2004-05 or later are subject to the revised General Education Requirements effective Autumn Quarter 2005-06. Students who matriculated Autumn Quarter 2003-04 or earlier remain on the old General Education Requirements, but may elect to change to the new system. Students interested in electing the revised GER system should contact the Office of the University Registrar. No further changes are allowed once a student has elected to move to the new system.

WIM indicates courses that fulfill the undergraduate departmental Writing in the Major requirement. AU indicates Activity courses that are subject to undergraduate University Activity Unit limitations (8 units maximum).


Each course is identified by a subject code and a catalog number. Throughout this bulletin, Axess subject codes have been printed wherever relevant.


This bulletin includes, for the Summer Session, only those courses that can be tentatively scheduled at publication time by each department. For the complete list of courses and faculty, refer to, updated in February. Courses added during the academic year are available on the Stanford Bulletin web site at which is updated on a quarterly basis.


Undergraduate courses taught overseas at Stanford's Bing Overseas Studies Program are listed under the relevant Overseas Studies Center subject code. Courses applicable to an undergraduate major are also listed at the end of the courses section of the relevant subject code.


Each quarter, the Office of the University Registrar produces a printed Time Schedule of Classes. Students should consult Axess at for the most up-to-date class scheduling information.

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