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Jon Claerbout, Antony Fraser-Smith,* Robert Kovach, Amos Nur, George A. Thompson


Greg Beroza

Associate Chair:

Biondo Biondi


Greg Beroza, Jerry M. Harris, Simon Klemperer, Rosemary J. Knight, Marcia McNutt, Joan Roughgarden,** Paul Segall, Norman H. Sleep, Howard Zebker,* Mark D. Zoback

Associate Professor:

Biondo Biondi

Assistant Professor:

Jesse Lawrence

Professor (Research):

Gerald M. Mavko

Courtesy Professors:

Stephan A. Graham, David D. Pollard

Consulting Professors:

James Berryman, Jonathan Glen, Antoine Guitton, Barry Kirkendall, Oskar Mencer

Consulting Associate Professors:

Stewart Levin, Azadeh Tabazadeh

Visiting Professors:

Sierd A.P.L. Cloetingh, Yo Fukushima, Jianguo Zhao

Senior Research Scientists:

Robert Clapp, Jack Dvorkin

Research Associates:

Nigel Crook, Paul Hagin, Youli Quan, Tiziana Vanorio

* Joint appointment with Electrical Engineering

Joint appointment with Monterey Bay Aquarium Research Institute

** Joint appointment with Biological Sciences

Department Offices: Mitchell Building, Room 365

Mail Code: 94305-2215

Phone: (650) 724-3293


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