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This archived information is dated to the 2008-09 academic year only and may no longer be current.

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Emeritus: Harden M. McConnell (Chemistry)

Director: William I. Weis


Russ Altman (Genetics, Medical Informatics), Steve Block (Applied Physics, Biology), Steven Boxer (Chemistry), Axel Brunger (Molecular and Cellular Physiology), Gilbert Chu (Oncology), Mark Davis (Microbiology and Immunology), Sebastian Doniach (Physics, Applied Physics), James Ferrell (Chemical and Systems Biology), Daniel Fisher (Applied Physics), K. Christopher Garcia (Molecular and Cellular Physiology, Structural Biology), Gary Glover (Radiology), Philip C. Hanawalt (Biology), Daniel Herschlag (Biochemistry), Keith O. Hodgson (Chemistry), Theodore Jardetzky (Structural Biology), Chaitan Khosla (Chemical Engineering, Chemistry), Brian Kobilka (Molecular and Cellular Physiology), Eric Kool (Chemistry), Ron Kopito (Biology), Roger D. Kornberg (Structural Biology), Michael Levitt (Structural Biology), Richard Lewis (Molecular and Cellular Physiology), Uel J. McMahan (Neurobiology), Tobias Meyer (Chemical and Systems Biology), W. E. Moerner (Chemistry), Norbert Pelc (Bioengineering, Radiology), Joseph D. Puglisi (Structural Biology), Stephen Quake (Bioengineering), Stephen J. Smith (Molecular and Cellular Physiology), Edward I. Solomon (Chemistry), James A. Spudich (Biochemistry, Developmental Biology), William I. Weis (Structural Biology, Molecular and Cellular Physiology), Richard N. Zare (Chemistry)

Associate Professors: Annelise Barron (Bioengineering), Judith Frydman (Biology), Pehr Harbury (Biochemistry), Craig Levin (Radiology), Vijay Pande (Chemistry), Julie Theriot (Biochemistry)

Assistant Professors: Zev Bryant (Bioengineering), Xiaoyuan Chen (Radiology), Jennifer Cochran (Bioengineering), Miriam Goodman (Molecular and Cellular Physiology), Merritt Maduke (Molecular and Cellular Physiology), Jianghong Rao (Radiology), Mark Schnitzer (Biology, Applied Physics), Andrew Spakowitz (Chemical Engineering).

Program Offices: Fairchild Building D118

Mail Code: 94305-5126

Phone: (650) 723-7576


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