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Chemical and Systems Biology

Emeriti: (Professors) Robert H. Dreisbach, Avram Goldstein, Dora B. Goldstein, Tag E. Mansour, Oleg Jardetzky, James P. Whitlock

Chair: James E. Ferrell, Jr.

Professors: James E. Ferrell, Jr., Tobias Meyer, Daria Mochly-Rosen, Richard A. Roth

Associate Professor: Karlene A. Cimprich

Assistant Professors: James K. Chen, Thomas J. Wandless, Joanna K. Wysocka

Courtesy Professors: Stuart Kim, Beverly S. Mitchell, Paul A. Wender

Courtesy Associate Professor: Calvin J. Kuo

Courtesy Assistant Professors: Matthew Bogyo, Marcus Covert

Consulting Professor: Juan Jaen

Web Site:

Courses offered by the Department of Chemical and Systems Biology have the subject code CSB, and are listed in the "Chemical and Systems Biology [CSB] Courses" section of this bulletin.

In Autumn of 2006, the Department of Molecular Pharmacology changed its name to become the Department of Chemical and Systems Biology. The department has established a new Ph.D. program in Chemical and Systems Biology. Molecular Pharmacology Ph.D. students who enrolled prior to Autumn 2007 have the option of receiving their Ph.D. in either Molecular Pharmacology or Chemical and Systems Biology. Ph.D. students matriculating in Autumn 2007 and thereafter are admitted to Chemical and Systems Biology. Further details about degree requirements are available from the department.

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