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This archived information is dated to the 2008-09 academic year only and may no longer be current.

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Berlin German Language Courses

OSPBER 1Z. Accelerated German: First and Second Quarters

8 units, Aut (Splettstoesser, J; Wohlfeil, J), Win (Splettstoesser, J; Wohlfeil, J)

OSPBER 2Z. Accelerated German, Second and Third Quarters

8 units, Spr (Wohlfeil, J)

OSPBER 21B. Intermediate German

5 units, Aut (Friesel, D), Win (Friesel, D), Spr (Friesel, D)

OSPBER 100B. Aktives Deutsch

2 units, Aut (Friesel, D), Win (Friesel, D), Spr (Strube, F)

OSPBER 101B. Advanced German

5 units, Aut (Biege, M), Win (Biege, M), Spr (Biege, M)

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