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Graduate courses in Law, Nonprofessional

Primarily for graduate students; undergraduates may enroll with consent of instructor.

LAWGEN 106. Introduction to American Law

(Same as AMSTUD 179, POLISCI 122.) For undergraduates. The structure of the American legal system including the courts; American legal culture; the legal profession and its social role; the scope and reach of the legal system; the background and impact of legal regulation; criminal justice; civil rights and civil liberties; and the relationship between the American legal system and American society in general.

3-5 quarter units, Aut quarter schedule (Friedman, L)

LAWGEN 110Q. Criminal Justice and the Criminal Courts

Focus is on the structures and theories at play in the criminal court system, emphasizing court procedures, structures, constitutional guarantees, and the trial process. The roles of individual agents, including the police, prosecutors, defense attorneys, judges, probation officers, and corrections officials.

3 quarter units, Spr quarter schedule (Dansky, K)

LAWGEN 206. Thinking Like a Lawyer

(Same as GSBGEN 382.) Open to all graduate students. An analytical framework for understanding the core concepts of the law; how lawyers analyze and structure their work. Foundational principles of law. Topics such as contracts, litigation, intellectual property, securities, and employment law.

3-4 quarter units, Win quarter schedule (Kelman, M; Kramer, L)

LAWGEN 209. Stanford Community Police Academy

Open to all students. Practical experience. The duties, responsibilities, decisions, and constraints that face law enforcement officers. Prerequisites: miminum 18 years of age; valid driver's license; background check.

1 quarter unit, Win quarter schedule (Dubois, M; Wilson, L)

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