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Graduate courses in Portuguese Language

For graduate students only.

PORTLANG 1G. Accelerated First-Year Portuguese, Part 1

For GSB students with two years of formal study of a Romance language, preferably Spanish. Goal is to use socially and culturally appropriate forms in conversations, establishing relationships, providing and obtaining information, and expressing feelings, emotions, and opinions. Written and spoken language; social and cultural influences; and how to present information, concepts, and ideas on academic topics. Limited enrollment.

4 units, Win (Wiedemann, L)

PORTLANG 2G. Accelerated First-Year Portuguese, Part 2

Continuation of 1G. GSB students only. Limited enrollment.

4 units, Spr (Wiedemann, L)

PORTLANG 297. Directed Reading

Prerequisite: consent of instructor.

1-4 units, Aut (Staff), Win (Staff), Spr (Staff)

PORTLANG 394. Graduate Studies in Portuguese Conversation

Prerequisite: consent of instructor.

1-3 units, Aut (Staff), Win (Staff), Spr (Staff)

PORTLANG 395. Graduate Studies in Portuguese

Prerequisite: consent of instructor.

2-5 units, Aut (Staff), Win (Staff), Spr (Staff)

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