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Statistics Introductory Courses

STATS 46N. Experiments in Extrasensory Perception: A Critical Analysis

(F,Sem) Stanford Introductory Seminar. Preference to freshmen. Old and new reports of ESP experiments at Stanford and elsewhere. Principles of experimental design, randomization, experimental control and confounding, response modeling, and probabilistic calculation. Design and execution of student ESP experiments, literature reviews, probability calculations, critiques, and oral and written presentations.

3 units, Aut (Switzer, P)

STATS 47N. Breaking the Code?

(F,Sem) Stanford Introductory Seminar. Preference to freshmen. Cryptography and its counterpart, cryptanalysis or code breaking. How the earliest cryptanalysts used statistical tools to decrypt messages by uncovering recurring patterns. How such frequency-analysis tools have been used to analyze biblical texts to produce a Bible code, and to detect genes in the human genome. Overview of codes and ciphers. Statistical tools useful for code breaking. Students use simple computer programs to apply these tools to break codes and explore applications to various kinds of data. GER:DB-Math

3 units, Aut (Holmes, S)

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