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This archived information is dated to the 2008-09 academic year only and may no longer be current.

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Emeriti: (Professors) Helen W. Schrader, Carl Weber; (Associate Professor) William S. Eddelman; (Senior Lecturers) Susan Cashion, Patricia Ryan

Chair: Peggy Phelan

Drama Division

Professors: Jean-Marie Apostolidès (French and Italian, Drama), Harry J. Elam, Jr., Peggy Phelan (Drama, English), Alice Rayner (Graduate Faculty Advisor, Graduate Studies Committee-Chairperson), Rush Rehm (Drama, Classics)

Assistant Professors: Branislav Jakovljevic (Undergraduate Faculty Advisor), Jisha Menon

Professor (Teaching): Michael F. Ramsaur

Associate Professor (Teaching): Janice Ross

Senior Lecturer: Connie Strayer

Lecturers: Jeffrey Bihr, Erik Flatmo Gambatese, Daniel Klein, Kathryn Kostopoulos, Leticia Samonte

Visiting Artists: Matthew Gouhlish, Lin Hixson

Guest Lecturer: Linda Apperson

Artists in Residence: Amy Freed, Cherríe Moraga

Institute for Diversity in the Arts and Black Performing Arts Division

Division Director: Harry J. Elam, Jr.

Associate Director (IDA): Georgina Hernandez

Director (CBPA): Robert Moses

Joint IDA/BPA Steering Committee: Suzanne Abel (Haas Center for Public Service), Jan Barker Alexander (Black Community Services Center), Elena Becks (Staff), Enrique Chagoya (Associate Professor, Studio Art), Regina Covington (King Papers), Alice Endamne (Black Arts Quarterly), Diane Frank (Lecturer, Dance), Vera Grant (African and African American Studies), Tony Kramer (Senior Lecturer, Dance), Barbaro Martinez-Ruiz (Associate Professor, Art History), Julia Melancon (Staff), Cindy Ng (Asian American Activities Center), Janice Ross (Professor, Teaching, Drama), Stephen Sano (Associate Professor, Teaching, Music), Laura Selznick (VPUE), Yvonne Yarbro-Bejarano (Professor, Chicana/o Studies), Patience Young (Cantor Arts Center)

Dance Division

Director: Janice Ross

Lecturers: Kristine Elliott, Diane Frank, Aleta Hayes, Tony Kramer, Augusta Moore, Richard Powers, Ronnie Reddick

Artist in Residence: Robert Moses

Mail Code: Drama, 94305-5010; Dance, 94305-8125

Phone: Drama (650) 723-2576; Dance (650) 723-1234

Student Services Email:

Web Site: Drama,

Web Site: Dance,

Courses offered by the Department of Drama have the subject codes DRAMA and DANCE. Courses in Drama are listed in the "Drama [DRAMA] Courses" section of this bulletin. Courses in Dance are listed in the "Dance [DANCE] Courses" sections of this bulletin.


The Drama Department integrates theory, criticism and performance. Convinced that scholarship is strengthened by direct engagement in performance, and that performance is enhanced by practitioners whose analytic skills had been honed in scholarship, the department produces more than a dozen productions each academic school year, including canonical plays, commissioned dance works, experimental projects, and the work of visiting artists.

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