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Bulletin Archive

This archived information is dated to the 2008-09 academic year only and may no longer be current.

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AA 113N. Structures: Why Things Don't (and Sometimes Do) Fall Down
Aeronautics and Astronautics
Aeronautics and Astronautics (AA)
AMSTUD 114N. Visions of the 1960s
ANES 70Q. The Psychosocial and Economic Ramifications of Critical Illness
ANTHRO 16N. Ethnographies of North America: An Introduction to Cultural and Social Anthropology
ANTHRO 18N. Glimpses of Divinity
ANTHRO 22N. Maya Hieroglyphic Writing
ANTHRO 8N. The Anthropology of Globalization
APPPHYS 68N. Lasers and Photons
APPPHYS 79N. Energy Choices for the 21st Century
BIO 13N. Environmental Problems and Solutions
BIO 14N. Plants and Civilization
BIO 15N. Environmental Literacy
BIO 25N. Biogeography of Disease
BIO 25Q. The Molecular Basis of Genetic Disease
BIO 26N. Maintenance of the Genome
BIO 31Q. Ants: Behavior, Ecology, and Evolution
BIO 33N. Conservation Science and Practice
BIOC 118Q. Genomics and Medicine
BIOE 70Q. Medical Device Innovation
BIOMEDIN 109Q. Genomics: A Technical and Cultural Revolution
CEE 31Q. Accessing Architecture Through Drawing
CEE 46Q. Fail Your Way to Success
CEE 48N. Organizing Global Projects
CHEM 24N. Nutrition and History
CHEM 25N. Science in the News
CHEM 25Q. Science-in-Theatre: A New Genre?
CHEMENG 35N. Renewable Energy for a Sustainable World
CHEMENG 60Q. Environmental Regulation and Policy
CHEMENG 70Q. Masters of Disaster
CHEMENG 80Q. Art, Chemistry, and Madness: The Science of Art Materials
Chemical Engineering
Chemical Engineering (CHE)
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Civil Engineering (CE)
CLASSART 21Q. Eight Great Archaeological Sites in Europe
CLASSGEN 45N. Conversations: Catullus, Virgil, and their Influence on the Prose and Poetry of Robert Frost
CLASSGEN 48N. Ethical Wisdom in Greek Tragedy and Philosophy
CLASSGEN 6N. Antigone: From Ancient Democracy to Contemporary Dissent
CLASSHIS 37N. The Early Roman Emperors: HIstory, Biography, and Fiction
COMM 118Q. Theories of Film Practice
COMPLIT 10N. Shakespeare and Performance in a Global Context
COMPLIT 11Q. Shakespeare, Playing, Gender
COMPLIT 21N. First Person Singular
COMPLIT 41Q. Ethnicity and Literature
COMPLIT 54N. Reading in Common
COMPLIT 61Q. Culture and Conflict in Contemporary Europe
COMPMED 81N. Comparative Anatomy and Physiology of Mammals
COMPMED 84Q. Globally Emerging Zoonotic Diseases
Computer Science
Computer Science (CS)
Conferral of Degrees
Coterminal Bachelorís and Masterís Degrees
Coterminal Bachelorís and Masterís Program
CS 21N. Can Machines Know? Can Machines Feel?
CS 45N. Computers and Photography: From Capture to Sharing
CS 48N. The Science of Art
CS 51N. Visionaries in Computer Science
CS 73N. Business on the Information Highways
CS 74N. Digital Dilemmas
Doctor of Philosophy
DRAMA 11N. Dramatic Tensions: Theater and the Marketplace
DRAMA 12N. Antigone: From Ancient Democracy to Contemporary Dissent
DRAMA 14N. Shakespeare from Stage to Screen
DRAMA 16N. Beauty or the Beast? Kitsch and Contemporary Culture
DRAMA 17N. Salt of the Earth: The Docudrama in Amťrica
DRAMA 180Q. Noam Chomsky: The Drama of Resistance
DRAMA 184Q. Devised Theater Project
DRAMA 187Q. The Stage in Dialogue with History
DRAMA 189Q. Mapping and Wrapping the Body
EARTHSYS 45N. Energy Issues Confronting the World
ECON 11N. Understanding the Welfare System
ECON 17N. Energy, the Environment, and the Economy
EE 10N. How Musical Instruments Work
EE 14N. Things about Stuff
EE 17N. Engineering the Micro and Nano Worlds: From Chips to Genes
EE 21N. What is Nanotechnology?
EE 23N. Imaging: From the Atom to the Universe
EE 60N. Man versus Nature: Coping with Disasters Using Space Technology
EESS 39N. The Carbon Cycle: Reducing Your Impact
EESS 46N. Exploring the Critical Interface between the Land and Monterey Bay: Elkhorn Slough
Electrical Engineering
Electrical Engineering (EE)
ENGLISH 14Q. Tis All in Pieces: John Donne and the Early Modern World
ENGLISH 51N. Drama Queens: Powerful Women on Stage
ENGLISH 52N. Ten Top Books
ENGLISH 53N. Aesthetic Taste and Gastronomy
ENGLISH 65N. Contemporary Women Fiction Writers
ENGLISH 69Q. Sources of Global Challenges Today, Possibilities for Global Solutions: A Literary Exploration
ENGLISH 70N. Shakespeare on Film
ENGLISH 77N. Living in the Past: Italy in the Anglo-American Imagination
ENGLISH 82Q. Shakespeare's Plays
ENGLISH 85Q. The BrontŽs: A Victorian Family
ENGLISH 87N. The Graphic Novel: Word, Image, Sound, Silence
ENGR 159Q. Japanese Companies and Japanese Society
Environmental Engineering (ENV)
FEMST 188N. Imagining Women: Writers in Print and in Person
FEMST 191Q. Writing Women's Lives
FRENGEN 190Q. Parisian Cultures of the 19th and Early 20th Centuries
FRENGEN 45N. American Writers in 20th-Century Paris
GENE 109Q. Genomics: A Technical and Cultural Revolution
GENE 282. Genetic Counseling Research Seminar
GEOPHYS 20Q. Predicting Volcanic Eruptions
GEOPHYS 60N. Man versus Nature: Coping with Disasters Using Space Technology
GERGEN 61Q. Culture and Conflict in Contemporary Europe
GERLIT 16N. Music, Myth, and Modernity: Wagner's Ring Cycle and Tolkien's Lord of the Rings
GES 39N. Forensic Geoscience: Stanford CSI
GES 40N. Diamonds
GES 43Q. Environmental Problems
GES 55Q. The California Gold Rush: Geologic Background and Environmental Impact
GSBGEN 111Q. Seminar in Entrepreneurial Communication
HISTORY 12N. The Early Roman Emperors: HIstory, Biography, and Fiction
HISTORY 20Q. Russia in the Early Modern European Imagination
HISTORY 22N. Images and Practices of Violence in Early Modern Russian Art and Law
HISTORY 34N. The European Witch Hunts
HISTORY 36N. Gay Autobiography
HISTORY 38N. The Body
HISTORY 44N. The History of Women and Gender in Science, Medicine, and Engineering
HISTORY 46N. Science and Magic
HISTORY 48Q. South Africa: Contested Transitions
HISTORY 52N. The Harlem Renaissance
HISTORY 54N. African American Women's Lives
HISTORY 90Q. Buddhist Political and Social Theory
HISTORY 95N. Mapping the World: Cartography and the Modern Imagination
Hoover Institution on War, Revolution and Peace
HRP 89Q. Introduction to Crosscultural Issues in Medicine
HUMBIO 84Q. Social Justice, Responsibility, Health
HUMBIO 86Q. Love as a Force for Social Change
HUMBIO 87Q. Women and Aging
HUMBIO 91Q. Neuroethology: The Neural Control of Behavior
HUMBIO 97Q. Sport, Exercise, and Health: Exploring Sports Medicine
HUMBIO 99Q. Becoming a Doctor: Readings from Medical School, Medical Training, Medical Practice
IHUM 58Q. Technology and Utopia: Refining the Vision
ITALGEN 41N. Imagining Italy
JAPANGEN 71N. Language and Gender in Japan: Myths and Reality
LINGUIST 5N. What's Your Accent? Investigations in Acoustic Phonetics
LINGUIST 62N. The Language of Food
LINGUIST 63N. Translation
Management Science and Engineering
Management Science and Engineering (MS&E)
Materials Science and Engineering
Materials Science and Engineering (MATSCI)
MATH 80Q. Capillary Surfaces: Explored and Unexplored Territory
MATH 87Q. Mathematics of Knots, Braids, Links, and Tangles
MATH 88Q. The Mathematics of the Rubik's Cube
MATSCI 159Q. Japanese Companies and Japanese Society
MATSCI 70N. Building the Future: Invention and Innovation with Engineering Materials
MATSCI 81N. Bioengineering Materials to Heal the Body
MCP 100Q. The Hippocampus as a Window to the Mind
ME 10N. Form and Function of Animal Skeletons
ME 17N. Robotics Imitating Nature
ME 18Q. Teamology: Creative Teams and Individual Development
ME 21N. Renaissance Machine Design
ME 25N. Global Warming and Climate Change: Fact or Fiction
ME 26N. Think Like a Designer
Mechanical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering (ME)
MED 108Q. Human Rights and Health
MED 70Q. Cancer and the Immune System
MED 83Q. Ethical, Legal, and Social Dimensions of Stem Cell Research
MED 86Q. Seeing the Heart
MED 87Q. Women and Aging
MED 88Q. Dilemmas in Current Medical Practice
MED 93Q. The AIDS Epidemic: Biology, Behavior, and Global Responses
MS&E 92Q. International Environmental Policy
MS&E 93Q. Nuclear Weapons, Terrorism, and Energy
MUSIC 13Q. Classical Music and Politics: Western Music in Modern China
MUSIC 14N. Women Making Music
MUSIC 16N. Music, Myth, and Modernity: Wagner's Ring Cycle and Tolkien's Lord of the Rings