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Summer 2020 Newsletter
Management Science and Engineering

MS&E Stands Together in Action

Dear MS&E Community:

The Department of Management Science and Engineering is committed to fostering and building a culture of diversity and inclusion. This culture is rooted in our mission of teaching, research and public service. It reflects our passion for critical inquiry, debate, discovery and innovation, and our deep commitment to contributing to a better world.

We know cultural ideas are not enough. We must turn those ideas into action.

To start, MS&E has launched a new committee on diversity and inclusion for the department. The committee will consist of MS&E faculty, staff, and both undergraduate and graduate students. It is charged with auditing and reporting on department practices, increasing and retaining diversity in the MS&E community, and communicating and coordinating with campus groups on issues broadly related to diversity and inclusion.

Our goal is to continue building space to come together, to better understand diversity and inclusion topics, share perspectives, learn, and grow—to have meaningful dialogue and produce lasting change.

For more information about the committee's work, resources, and to provide comments, visit the Diversity and Inclusion Committee site here.
Stanford Scholars Examine Racism, Social Change

Prof. Sharad Goel co-founded the Stanford Open Policing Project to help researchers, journalists, and policymakers investigate and improve police interactions. This Stanford News article curates the latest research from MS&E and the entire Stanford community on racism and social change.

Black Drivers Are Less Likely to Be Stopped By Police After Sunset

A new study shows that while black drivers tend to get pulled over more frequently than white drivers, the disparity lessens at night, when a "veil of darkness" hides their face. Read more.

Automated Speech Recognition Systems Often Misinterpret Black Speakers

MS&E research suggests the disparity likely occurs because such technologies are based on machine learning systems that rely heavily on databases of English as spoken by white Americans. Read more.
MS&E Responds to COVID-19

Using their expertise in data, analysis, and modeling to find solutions to problems brought about during the COVID-19 crisis, MS&E faculty and students are researching health care, the economy, human rights, government operations, and more.
Are Virtual Workspaces Our Future?

Major shifts toward remote work post new and complex management challenges. Prof. Melissa Valentine and post-doctoral scholar Jen Rhymer discuss why remote work might yield different results when it's suddenly mandatory, as opposed to being ingrained into an organization's culture. Read more.
Watching Netflix During Shelter-In-Place? MS&E Research Helps You Do It

The algorithms that determine the quality at which to serve you that next chunk of video content were developed by Stanford researchers including MS&E Prof. Ramesh Johari. Read more.

ETL Series Extended Through Summer; Crisis Innovation Series on eCorner

For the first time ever, MS&E's Stanford Technology Ventures Program has extended its Entrepreneurial Thought Leaders speaker series through the summer quarter. This special series brings past ETL speakers back to the virtual stage to reflect on their experiences since their earlier talks. The events occur Wednesday afternoons on YouTube Live.

Also, STVP curated content focused on innovating during a crisis. Check out the Crisis Innovation Series here.
Congratulations to Our 2020 Graduates!
The MS&E 2020 graduates site celebrates this year's grads virtually. On it, you'll find videos from faculty, commencement awards, and a podcast series that spotlights MS&E grads.

The Risks of Fake News

PhD candidate and Lt. Col. Travis I. Trammell works with Professor Elisabeth Paté-Cornell to analyze the risks of fake news and create a management decision model to combat disinformation.

In this episode of the Future Hindsight podcast, Trammell and Prof. Paté-Cornell discuss the national security risks posed by fake news, the kind of influence campaign to expect in 2020, and the most effective countermeasures.

New Technologies Hold Promise for Transfusion Medicine

Some blood donors recover their iron stores within weeks of donating, while others take more than a year to replenish. In light of that variation, PhD student Alton Russell and colleagues developed a model to identify the ideal donation interval for individual donors. Read more.

Pandemic Pulse Aims to Make Sense of COVID-19 Issues

Masters student Catherine Gu started the Pandemic Pulse podcast after COVID-19 abruptly changed the world. The podcast is one of many projects born out of the COVID-19 Response Innovation Lab, a student-led initiative across Stanford.

Catherine also was a panelist for Stanford Law School's FutureLaw event, where she discussed digital currencies.

Student Stories and Voices

Hannah Li, PhD candidate, researches how to optimize online marketplaces. "I'm always asking myself, 'How could this be improved? How could a better version be built?'"

Jesus Cervantes, MS candidate, is one of few students who were allowed to stay on campus during the COVID-19 pandemic. When he receives his coterminal degrees (BS in computer science, MS in MS&E), he will be the first in his family to graduate from college.

MS&E Career and Affiliate Services Officer Linda Esquivel talked to graduating students about their time at Stanford, future plans, and more.
Want to find more MS&E student research?
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MS&E News in Brief
  • Prof. Markus Pelger and two students received the Best Paper Award at the Utah Winter Finance Conference for their paper, "Deep Learning in Asset Pricing."
  • Prof. Aaron Sidford received a Microsoft Research Faculty Fellowship for his work on designing provably efficient algorithms. He was also named a Sloan Research Fellow.
  • Profs. Chuck Eesley and Kathy Eisenhardt, together with Robert Eberhart (PhD '13), won an award for Responsible Research in Management for their study of bankruptcy laws and Japanese startups.
  • PhD candidates Lodewijk Gelauff and Sukoksak Sakshuwong were among the winners of Magic Grants from the Brown Institute for Media Innovation for their research on self-moderating online focus groups and deliberation.
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