ISyE Distinguished Scholarship Lecture, Industrial & Systems Engineering, Georgia Tech, 2018

Gauss Prize Lecture, International Mathematical Union, Rio de Janeiro, 2018

AT Craig Memorial Lecture, University of Iowa, 2018

PL Hsu Memorial Lecture,  Tsinghua University, Beijing 2018

SS Wilks Lecture, Princeton University, 2017

DA Sprott Lecture, University of Waterloo, 2016

Feder Family Lecture, Tel-Aviv University, 2016

Blyth Lectures, University of Toronto, 2015

Flury Lecture, University of Indiana, 2015

Shaw Prize Lecture, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, 2013

Plenary Lecture,  Int. Soc. Mag. Res. Medicine, 2012

Plenary Lecture,  Foundations of Computational Mathematics, 2011

Rothschild Public Lecture, University of Cambridge, 2008

Robin and Robert Fossum Lecture, Beckman Institute, University of Illinois, May 2004.

Institute of Mathematical Statistics, Visiting Lecturer, Univ.  Philippines, August 2004.

President’s Invited Lecture, Amer. Statist. Assn., Toronto, August 2004.

Principal Lecturer, Spring Lecture Series, University of Arkansas, April 2004.

Inaugural Le Cam  Lecture, Inst. Mathematical Statistics, San Francisco Aug. 2003.

Invited Lecture, Int. Congress Industrial and Applied Mathematics, Sydney July 2003.

Plenary Lecturer, International Congress of Mathematicians, 2002

A.A. Michelson Lecturer, U.S. Naval Academy, September 2001

Von Neumann Lecturer, Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics, July 2001

A.J. Duncan Memorial Lecture, Johns Hopkins University, April 2001.

Plenary Lecturer, Mathematical Challenges of the 21st Century, AMS, August 2000

Plenary Lecture, Independent Component Analysis 2000, Helsinki, Finland. June 2000.

P.R. Krishnaiah Memorial Lecture, Pennsylvania State University, May 2000.

Principal Lecture,  Scale Space ’99, Corfu, Greece.

Plenary Lecture,  Curves and Surfaces ’99, Saint-Malo, France.

Bernoulli Lecturer, Fourth Bernoulli Society World Congress, September 1996

Invited 45-Minute Lecture, International Congress of Mathematicians, Zurich, 1994

Hotelling Memorial Lecturer, University of North Carolina, 1994

Keynote Speaker, IEEE Time-Frequency/Time-Scale Conference, Philadelphia, 1994

Lecture Series

Murray and Adylin Rosenblatt Endowed Lecture Series, UCSD, 2017

Cantrell Lectures, University of Georgia, 2014

Simons Lectures, MIT Mathematics Department, April 2007

Bernoulli Society Forum Lectures,  Oslo, July 2005

Phi Beta Kappa National Lecturer, 2002-2003

Main Lecturer,  Beyond Wavelets, NSF-CBMS Lecture Series, St. Louis, May 2000

Principal Lecturer, Trimestre “Images”, Centre d’Emile Borel, Paris, Fall 1998

Principal Lecturer, 19th Finnish Summer School on Probability Theory, 1997

1997 Wald Memorial Lecturer, Institute of Mathematical Statistics

Invited 10-lecture DMV Seminar (with Iain Johnstone), Oberwolfach, March 1995

Principal Lecturer, Ecole  d’Eté de Probabilités (Saint Flour), Summer 1990