2005 Poster Awards
Symposium of Undergraduate Research in Progress (SURP)

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Poster Award Winners
Tanja Haj-Hassan
Ravneet Kaur
Carlos Ortiz & Jonathan Huang
Stephanie Potter
Rebecca Rojansky
Scott Walter
Matthew Woodbury
Julia Zaks

The 2005 SURP Poster Award Winners were chosen based on the following criteria:

• visually exciting design
• intellectually compelling content
• overall excellent communication with a general audience

Congratulations to this year's winners!

HajHassan_S05 Kaur_S05 Ortiz_Hwang_S05 Potter_S05
HajHassan_S05.jpg Kaur_S05.jpg Ortiz_Hwang_S05.jpg Potter_S05.jpg
Rojanski_S05 Walter_S05a Woodbury_S05 Zaks_S05
Rojanski_S05.jpg Walter_S05a.jpg Woodbury_S05.jpg Zaks_S05.jpg